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A most Creepy Collaboration…..

Well here is the official release on my book collaboration with Heather J Taylor. I am very excited to work with Heather. She is very talented and I am in awe of her writing and what she has come up with to date.

It’s official! The “Heathers” have united! No, not for a remake of the killer, black comedy film, “Heathers” (although, Wynona Ryder has confirmed the sequel), but instead, acclaimed artist, Heather Gleason and writer/producer, Heather J. Taylor have decided to collaborate on a spooky children’s book inspired by Gleason’s whimsical artwork. The books do lean towards the dark side, but the two creators promise that the series is intended for a tween audience and won’t be as gruesome compared to the cult classic movie.

So, how did they meet? They instantly shared LOL’s when they met via mutual “top friends” on MySpace three years ago. Since both Heathers are huge fans of horror and share in the excitement of the “Heathers” film, they began an online friendship.

“One day I was surfing MySpace horror fans and saw Heather Taylor’s profile, which was designed as an homage to classic horror films and Madonna,” laughed Heather Gleason, artist and creator of MyEclecticMind. “After reading it, I realized we had so much in common, including our enthusiasm for horror, Madonna and spine-chilling literary works.” Through the years the Heathers have stayed in touch by the usual social online networks, but in May of 2009, Gleason created a Hollywood Witch hat for Taylor and mailed it to her home. Upon receiving the one-of-a-kind collector’s item, Taylor was immediately inspired to write.

“Without delay, I picked up the phone and called her!” exclaimed Heather J. Taylor, writer and producer for Signatures Required, LLC. “I just knew that her artistic talents and my passion for storytelling was a good match for an illustrious book.”

Since May, the Heathers have been busy collaborating on their first book, currently titled, “The First Date,” which is based on several of Gleason’s unique and eerie characters. And although, the two creators share in their passion for Halloween, the book won’t be completely centered on the pumpkin-filled holiday. The series of books will divulge spellbinding tales of rare characters and capricious deeds, but that’s all they are saying for now.

If you don’t already know, being a “Heather” means being a part of the most powerful clique in sinister history. Expect the unexpected, when it comes to this duo.

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Heather 🙂