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Remember, Remember the 28th of November!!

Hello everyone.
October flew by so quickly where on earth did it go? I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! NY had great weather clear night sky and warm temps. Very nice!
November is here my Birthday wooowhoo! No big plans for a big birthday bash. There is some good news for you folks that love to shop and save on Art work.

When I say Remember, Remember the 28th of November that means BLACK FRIDAY!!
The biggest shopping day of the year where hundreds..wait thousands of crazy people come out of their warm homes wearing pajamas curlers still in hair to wait on long lines outside of department stores for huge SAVINGS!! Well don’t be one of those crazy people this year. If you are reading this blog then you must have stopped by for a reason. You are interested in my artwork or you know someone that likes it. Black Friday I will reduce prices in my Ebay store for one day only wait maybe Saturday too. Friday is the good day to stop by as Items will be schedualed to list at a certain time on that particular date for a special price. Most collectors will take advantage of these great deals and buy right away. I will be offering pieces that have not been seen online at all. These pieces will be for sale only on Black Friday.
If the artwork does not sell after such date they will be brought back to regular price and only sold at my Art shows here in NY for 2009. So be sure and stop by here for more up to date info on the Black Friday sale on November 28th!