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Black Friday Sale Nov 24th 6AM

Hello Friends. Black Friday is almost here. Stop by my website November 24th starting 6AM I will have a large selection of of original Paintings, functional art, Tiny Sculptures, Print Bundles and more. Orders will receive free goodies too!! Stop by check it out. 


New Art ☺


Hello Friends. I will be adding new artwork on Friday here on my website. Including Coffins. My husband Bill created a bunch of new coffins ready for me to paint. Along with a small coffin shelf for a table top. As promised from a couple weeks ago. Sorry custom orders have me tied and i need to finish those first. 😎 But promise new artwork Friday and all week next week wooo whoo. Just check back daily to see what i post. 😄 

The above painting I sold during one of my Pop up sales on facebook. If you are on Facebook and would love to take part in my pop up sales. like me on Facebook and be sure to sign up to get my posts in your feed or get notifications ☺. You can add me to your facebook favorites by clicking the button to the right upper part of my blog where it shows my Facebook link. Until Friday…. Have a Frightfully great week.

Heather’s Homemade Jam’s, Relish and more.


My Homemade Jam’s, Relishes, and pickled vegetables will be available again this summer. Last year the Chow Chow and Sweet Onion Jam went fast. This year I promise to make double what I had last year. Relishes and Jams will be available June 21st here on my website. It is Strawberry season I have many yummy recipes I will be canning up and offering. Check back June 21st. 

Coffin Shelves…..

Mini Coffins and Coffin Shelves are now in the making. Husband is working on different sizes as I type. Each one will be hand painted by myself with different themes and colors. 😊💀👀

The coffin shelves will vary in size most will be able to fit on a tabletop places valuables, collectibles, place it in your kitchen as a Spooky Spice Rack. Look for the first coffin shelves next week or first week in June. 

I will be making larger almost life size coffin paintings as well. There will be very limited number of these depending on interest i get from you fiends out there. We will see. No pics for today but the coffins as I start to paint them process photos will be uploaded. 

For now go check out the new piece I added to my store this morning. The Crimson Ghost Coffin painting. He is very cool!! Have a Fangtastic day!!!!

Ohhh The Horror and Disney…


Hello Fiends!! I hope everyone has been doing well. It is Beautiful yet Hot here in my part of NY today. The rain has finally stopped and all the trees have their leaves and some flowers. I have been a busy bee painting some larger canvases and lots of wood pieces like clocks and keepsake boxes. I have been painting a lot of Disney themed clocks along with Horror themed clocks like the Tales from The Crypt clock shown above. The Horror themed pieces are my favs. They are super fun to make and challenging at the same time as I have to think of a scene to create with key characters. Many people have asked me how much is the Tales from the Crypt clock. Well here is the deal. I am making 3 Tales from the Crypt clocks. My husband will get to chose 1 clock he wants from the 3 designs I create. 99% of the time I create something and I sell it. Well to be nice to my poor husband that has been wanting something special of his own for the longest time. He will get that ultimate option. After that the 2 clocks will be put up for sale on my website. Right now I have the Haunted Mansion clock up for sale if some of you were wondering the price. Click the store button above then click show me everything. That will show you everything in my store. If an item has sold there will be no add to cart button at the bottom of the items description. If there is a add to cart button that means it is available. Next up for clocks is a Maleficent clock. I have been dreaming of this clock all winter even before I made the Alice in Wonderland clock she just has to yell at me to come out. Nothing worse then starting a painting and my brain isn’t screaming it for it to be done. I have more Disney Themed paintings such as the Beautiful yet Evil Queen wood painting from Snow White. I will be creating old Sci-fi movie clocks including the WeEe WoOo Alien movie themes from the 50’s now which one should I doooo lol. Either way I have been very busy and I am sure you will love the New pieces I will be offering. Go check out my store. Chat soon!!!

Spring has Sprung Time to hang the bones out to Dry

Painting Party with Heather Gleason Rescheduled Feb Class

Hello Friends. 

Unfortunately I have to reschedule my Painting Party to Feb 19th due to the Snow storm that will be hitting this are tomorrow Sunday Feb 12th.

Everything that was included on the ticket will be the same. Just the Date is changing due to the snow storm.

I will be planning another Painting Party For the Beginning of April. New Menu, New Painting Hopefully better warmer weather 🙂

So if you were unable to purchase tickets for Feb 19th look into the April Party. Dates and Tickets will be posted within the next week.   

If you have any questions feel free to email me at anytime. 

chat Soon. 


Happy New Year friends.

I hope everyone is off to a great start. 

2017 is here and I have a lot of little creatures rumbling around inside my noggin anxiously waiting to get out. These little creatures have been screaming ideas in my head Well they seem like pretty good ideas to me.

Last Halloween Season I hosted an Open Studio here at my home. It was a success and I plan on having another one sometime the beginning of September. Some of you traveled very far to pick up the first of what I had for the 2016 Halloween Season. Special Pieces are worked on throughout the year and Presented in September for all you Halloween Collector Fanatics. I have some Beautiful pieces of wood I will be working very hard on for this fall. Making a come back is the Ouija Board Table, Coffin Clocks, and Coffin Book Shelves in 2 different sizes. Lots of Painting my hands will be busy.

This year/fall I plan on having several classes at the Historical Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. It truly is a Beautiful Place to visit a city in itself. Each Class will have a different theme. Remember Classes sell out FAST! Seating is limited as the class takes place in the the Small Chapel inside the cemetery grounds. So if you want to know when tickets go on sale for the class go to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and sign up to get emails for their events this coming Fall. 🙂

   I will not be posting pop up sales that much this year as I plan on working on many pieces including some larger oil paintings that I have neglected for some time now. I will be posting short video clips of  painting projects or in the works as you would say. Just to see what I am up to. I will time to time have sales on my website and the occasional Pop up sale on Facebook. SO if you do not see me for a while posting work for sale. NO worries. I am working on some cool things. Gives collectors time to save a little change for some originals. I will be offering a whole bunch of new prints this year. So no worries there either.  I recently cleared out my art studio and have some pieces i will be offering up online for sale just so they have Happy Homes. Look for that sale within the next few weeks. 

Well enough for now. Gotta run i will be back soon!









My Eclectic Mind Black Friday Sale!!


Good Early Morning to you!

Less than a week away from my Black Friday Sale. Many of you patiently wait for this sale to catch a great buy on some Paintings I have left over from this past Halloween 


I also have some Very Pretty and Unique Items to add to the Sale along with some Witchy Wonderland Pieces. Witchy Wonderland Paintings will be on canvas, Unique Large Ornament Shaped Wood Pieces with Big Black Glitter Bows, Black Snow Flakes lined with Black ultra fine Glitter, Wood Sleighs, hand Painted Christmas stockings and more. I have hand crafted wood Black cat and Cheshire cat Key Ornaments. No two are a like. Different Colors, shapes some with Glitter some without. My Black Christmas Tree is filled with Little Black Cat Key Ornaments I almost do not want to give them away. I have Little Krampus Ornaments as well…. well my version of the little Mischief Red Devil. I hand sculpted Little White Pumpkins then dusted them with Ultra Fine Glitter. Perfect for the Winter Season.  Hand crafted Boxes, Girly Paintings. and more. You just have to check it out on Black Friday to see what is available for yourself. 

Package #1 If you spend $60.00 or over $60.00 you will Receive either 2 Rotten hand Sculpted Pumpkins (orange) or 2 small White Glitter Pumpkins for the Winter Holiday Season. $15.00 value

Package #2 If you spend $100.00 or over $100.00 on my website you will receive 1 FREE Small White Glitter Pumpkin and 1 mini Coffin with the Headless Horseman on Front or a Primitive Silhouette of a witch and Crescent Moon. color Choices for Both will be Orange, Blue, Pink, or Eerie Green  !! Value of $25.00 

Package #3 If you spend $200.00 or over $200.00 you will receive a FREE CUSTOM 8 x 10″ Skeleton Painting Blue or Red hazy Backdrop option. this means you choose if the skeleton is a female wearing a black dress or a male wearing a black suit. You can add 1-2 Black Cats or a Dog instead. Bats or Black Birds. Cemetery if you like. a spooky shed or haunted House lots of fun options 🙂 OR a Witchy Wonderland Landscape Painting (autumn or Winter themed) You must only pick 1 theme $60.00 value

Package #4 If you Spend $300.00 or over $300.00 you will receive a FREE CUSTOM 11 x 14″ canvas panel Painting of your choice of Witchy Wonderland with Little Witches playing under a HUGE MOON skating, sleighing, decorating a Christmas tree, ect. OR a AUTUMN LANDSCAPE Witchy Wonderland Painting. Witches Playing, dancing, roasting marshmallows over a bonfire Autumn colored trees little Houses HUGE MOON!! OR a Headless Horseman Painting Choice of RED/Orange or Deep Blue/Black Hazy Backdrop Horse can be either White or Black. In a Cemetery, pumpkins scattered about, little Devils, fog, skeletons can be added its your custom painting 🙂 You must only pick 1 theme $150.00 value 

Package #5 If  You spend $500.00 or over $500.00 You will receive 1 FREE custom 12×16″ painting of your choice anything Goes Haunted house, landscapes, Dark Art, surreal Girly and More. AND there is more….

3 medium Hand Sculpted Pumpkins either traditional Orange Pumpkins on wood logs or winter White Glitter Pumpkins and a Print Bundle (my choice)  $215.00 Value


Please NOTE that once you have Checked out and Payment is received. You will receive an email from me that night or next morning to go over details of your Free items. Please NOTE only 1 FREE package Per Order. If you spend $300.00 does not entitle you to all of the above free items. You will receive only (1 FREE CUSTOM 11×14 Painting at $150.00 value if you spend over $300.00). Same goes for Other Packages. If you spend $500.00 or over $500.00 you will receive the #5 package only!


YES your Artwork/ Order along with your Free items Will be delivered to you Before Christmas. This Sale will only run for a Few days and then will be taken down to ensure your orders will arrive on time for gift Giving. 


STOP BY…… Black Friday November 25th, Don’t miss out on all the Lovely Goodies that could be Yours!!! 

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Sale

Hello Friends.

I have decided to Keep my Online Black Friday Sale and Small Business Saturday Sale Going but Open House will be cancelled. No worries you can purchase art here November 25th and 26th via here through my website. 

After the Holidays I will be taking at least a Month off to clear my mind and ready myself for some new Projects. Including trying to tackle this clothing Line. I have decided to Purchase the machines myself and keep the cost down in the long run for the clothing that I make. The average Person cannot afford to Purchase a $60.00-$80.00 tank top for the summer. Hiring people out of house is very expensive to sew garments. Some not so expensive but timing is off when garments are needed.  I will be teaching myself how to operate an entire new machine that I am not used to operating. It’s no ordinary sewing machine to say the least. I am hoping to make these fun garments for most of you Under Cover Spooky Girls and keep them very affordable by doing it myself. 🙂 

I will be working on some larger oil paintings this winter for Gallery Shows here in the NY area. These will be out of the norm of Halloween and sticking to the Dark art Theme. Either way when certain pieces are finished they will be uploaded to my website and Private showings here in NY to Purchase will be available by appointment.

I will be back on soon to talk about the Black Friday Sale. Have a Great Day Friends 🙂