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Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Sale

Hello Friends.

I have decided to Keep my Online Black Friday Sale and Small Business Saturday Sale Going but Open House will be cancelled. No worries you can purchase art here November 25th and 26th via here through my website. 

After the Holidays I will be taking at least a Month off to clear my mind and ready myself for some new Projects. Including trying to tackle this clothing Line. I have decided to Purchase the machines myself and keep the cost down in the long run for the clothing that I make. The average Person cannot afford to Purchase a $60.00-$80.00 tank top for the summer. Hiring people out of house is very expensive to sew garments. Some not so expensive but timing is off when garments are needed.  I will be teaching myself how to operate an entire new machine that I am not used to operating. It’s no ordinary sewing machine to say the least. I am hoping to make these fun garments for most of you Under Cover Spooky Girls and keep them very affordable by doing it myself. 🙂 

I will be working on some larger oil paintings this winter for Gallery Shows here in the NY area. These will be out of the norm of Halloween and sticking to the Dark art Theme. Either way when certain pieces are finished they will be uploaded to my website and Private showings here in NY to Purchase will be available by appointment.

I will be back on soon to talk about the Black Friday Sale. Have a Great Day Friends 🙂 



Ghosts Of Christmas Past Holiday POP UP SHOP November 26th

gleasonhalloween2016groupigotarock gleasonhalloween2016candystash

Hello Friends.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween. I know I did!! The first year I went out trick R Treating with my Kids and scored a Big bag of candy. 

I bought a Sheet cut holes for eyes, mad a cardboard sign to wear around my neck saying “I got a rock” I was Charlie Browns Ghost lol. No one knew I was a kid and I TRICKED THEM ALL! I did not want the night to end but it did and I am still very happy and content today as I type up my blog. I’m Happy to see my Children so Happy on Halloween. Them watching Mom Trick all of the adults as they pour candy into my bag. My Daughter Laura and I had a bet going to see who can snatch the most candy. She beat me with 126 pieces me at 115. bet was winner would be able to chose from the lower number stash anything they want and she snatched a bag of gummy Bears lol. OK enough about my night. On to some News about my Holiday Bizarre, Pop up show, Open Studio what ever you want to call it. 

This years theme for the 2016 Holiday Season is Ghosts of Christmas Past. 


Lots of Cool Black, White and Silver themed pieces. I will have Reds and Greens too so no worries there.  I will be offering Hand sculpted and painted wood Ornaments.  Vintage Santa Phones, Alice and Wonderland themed pieces, T-Shirts, Hand Painted Wood Boxes. Hand Painted stockings, Jewelry, Witchy Wonderland Pieces with Both Victorian villages and Colonial villages, Snowy moons, Krampus, Black Cat Christmas Trees and MORE!! My Bizarre / Open Studio will be ONE day only! November 26th 12 NOON- 5PM Small Business Saturday so Be sure and Stop by some of your favorite local shops including mine. If you make a purchase at my Ghosts Of Christmas Past Bizarre / Pop Up shop  you will receive a FREE Hand Sculpted Ornament. Mark Your calendars it will be a Unique Holiday Shopping Experience. These New Holiday Items will be available for Sale at 4PM SAME DAY NOVEMBER 26th ONLINE if you live far away to make it out. So no worries far away Friends you will get the Goods too 🙂 MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR TWO VERY IMPORTANT DATES. 

I Will have a Black Friday Sale this year as Well. This sale will have some Left Over Pieces From the 2016 Halloween Season. These Paintings will be marked to SELL so Be sure to Log on Early Morning  (MY BIRTHDAY NOVEMBER 25th) 8 AM eastern time to take advantage of the Sale. up to 60% off regular Prices. More info on this sale will be posted very SOON! 


Reschedule Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Event

  • Posted : October 21st, 2016
  • Posted in halloween

sleepyhollowplaquefullviewgleason scarethewidowheathergleason2016 sleepyhollowcemeterytombgleasonphoto

The Sleepy Hollow Event was rescheduled For Saturday October 29th Halloween Weekend.

We are suppose to get crumby weather on Saturday rain. and wind. Crossing my fingers for good weather next Saturday. So

If you were planning on coming out wait until next Saturday. I will have all sorts of New Paintings Including the ones above 🙂

See you Next Saturday October 29th

10:00- 4:00 PM 🙂 I will be behind Mr. Washington Irving next to the Receiving vaults right inside the cemetery.


Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Last Show for the 2016 Year.

washingtonirving 14360355_1179853648704319_1359394914_o zzz888 sleepyhollowhorseman sleepyhollowcemeterytombgleasonphoto sleepyhollowcloseup scarethewidowheathergleason2016

Good Day Fiends. I will be tucked away in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery this Saturday 10:00- 4:00. I will be right next to the Receiving vaults behind Mr. Washington Irving.

I will have all sorts of Hand Painted Goodies. It will be the Perfect Autumn weather. Come out say Hello! Better yet take a guided tour. You can purchase those tickets through the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Website. Or you can just wander the grounds by yourself at your leisure. Just don’t forget to stop by and say HI 🙂

I want to let everyone know in November I will be having another Open House. New Artwork with a Twist and Yes I will be making this a Holiday Themed Open House. A Large Mix of all sorts not just Halloween. I will have some of My Surreal Paintings, Girly Pieces, Krampus, Santas, Evil elves, Primitive Folk Art Winter Landscapes. Everyone’s Favorites The Witchy Wonderland Scenes, hand painted wood ornaments, Hand sculpted Paper Ornaments, Vintage Santa Phones and MORE. Open House will be November 26th 11 AM- 5 PM a Day after Black Friday ( My Birthday) lol. It is small Business week so be sure to make it out to your favorite local shops and studios and show your support. Same night into Sunday I will have my Online Sale. My Website will be filled with All sorts of goodies that I listed above. The More you purchase the more you get for FREE. Details will be posted at a later Date. Mid November. So check back here for the Scoop.

I hope to see some of you this Saturday 10:00-4:00 at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. 🙂

Haunted Home and Online Sale September 17th

heatheradgleason2016  heathergleasonpromo2016hauntedhome

Haunted Home and Online Sale September 17th.

The date is getting closer my friends. Next Saturday I will be hosting two events.

12:00-5:30PM I will be opening my Home Studio and Transforming the space into a SpoOkTacUlar Halloween Pop up shop.  Come visit me in Wallkill, NY. Chat with me in a more intimate setting no large crowds. I will have all sorts of Fun Halloween Paintings, functional art pieces, prints, T-Shirts, Small sculptures, Hand Painted Witch hats and more. The Photos above are just a sneak peek of the Art I will have available. I will have Halloween themed cupcakes and other goodies along with local apple cider. Each guest will receive a Free gift when they leave. This is a 1 day event ONLY! My studio is in my Private residence. Exact address will be posted Friday September 16th for those who wish to visit September 17th. See how far Wallkill, NY is from you…google it 🙂

If you live out of the area and cannot make it I will be hosting my Haunted Home Live Event. 7:30 PM est. time. I will be on my Facebook Fan page Live. Meet me and check out all the artwork live online. This gives you an idea of size and details you may miss in a photo or just do not understand the shape ect. After the Facebook Live which will be on my Facebook Fan page. All artwork will be available for sale on my website. If you you click the facebook link to the right of my blog it will take you straight to my facebook fan page. Mark your calendars set some time aside 7:30PM 🙂 I will have many things to offer. Don’t miss out.

See you Saturday Halloween Fiends 🙂

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Painting Class Buy Your tickets Today

  • Posted : September 5th, 2016
  • Posted in halloween

sleepyhollo sleepyhollowheather washingtonirving sleepyhollowpain sleepyhollowclass26  13950546_10153862747633105_262465067_o 13902206_10153857738888105_1506830940_o horseman_sepia lanterntour

Tickets are now available for my painting class at The Historical Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

This year I will be offering Two Paintings.

A Beautiful Autumn themed Painting or A Creepy Full Moon Cemetery Scene. Throw in a Haunted House or Two or Three. A couple of Trick R Treaters running around you may want to jump right into your own painting and join in on the Halloween Shenanigans you just created. Spaces are limited as I like to move around the room work one on one with each participant. Attention to detail will be key in everyone’s spooky creation. Halloween inspired Cupcakes, cookies and candy will be served with Local Made Apple Cider. The Scent of Burning Pumpkin Flesh and Halloween music will fill the room as you sit and Paint in the Cemetery chapel. Walk the Cemetery before class to conjure up some inspiration. Everyone will leave the Painting class with a Small Hand Crafted Spooky Thank You Gift Made by myself, paints, brushes and their very own Spooky Creation. After class Have dinner in town at one of  the local restaurants then take a Guided Lantern Tour of the Cemetery after the sun goes down. Make a Day or a Weekend of it. Sleepy Hollow also has a Very good Haunted Attraction The Horseman’s Hollow, Travel 15-20 minutes north visit The Great Jack O Lantern Blaze. More than 7,000 Jack O Lanterns hand carved and set up in different themes through out Van Cortland Manor.  Please note All of the above you must purchase tickets in advance. Plan “a head” and make a Spooky Experience for you, your family and friends that you will never forget. click the link to purchase your tickets for my class today Spaces are Limited.  or direct link

Haunted Home and Online Event

AWitchLivesHereHeatherGleason2015Original zzz888 ghostinthewellgleason2016

Many of us have different ideas what a Haunted House looks like as a child. Hearing Spooky stories from friends. Some may have a few of their own stories. We still talk about those Spooky Stories, Haunted Houses or experiences today. If they were memories from your childhood or now being an adult. Some live for those scary memories. That is why you are here, I create images that spark that memory of ghost stories, Halloween. They are wonderful for you. Why are they so wonderful? Well i am still trying to figure out why i like spooky things so much myself. I’m certain you are too. It just is and hey why not just enjoy it. September 17th I am opening my Home / Studio to the public. I will be transforming my studio space into a Spooky shop. I will have paintings, Prints, Sculptures, refabed Vintage finds all spooked up for Halloween. This is a 1 day only event. 11AM-5PM. Come on in and view all the goodies in Person. Enjoy the Experience.  If you live out of the area or out of state. NO WORRIES…i will be hosting an online event. I will be doing live Facebook feed right from my home. This Facebook live feed will only be available for 1 hour. I am still trying to figure out a time for the live Facebook feed so everyone can log on. I will be chatting about the artwork i have available and if you have questions feel free to ask anything during the live event. Artwork will be available for purchase. If you live in the NY area stop by say Hello. Each visiting guest will receive a small Gift 🙂 Spooky Snacks and drinks will be served. I will have 1-2 Pop up sales during the Halloween Season this year. Not to many as things can get pretty Hectic with shows. Doing this online Event will ensure there is no delays in Shipping. Everything will be shipped at once. You will receive your artwork in time for all your Halloween decorating mid September. 🙂 🙂 I will give small peeks to what I will be offering in August as artwork come to completion. So save some extra cash weekly until then. I will be offering all sorts of Halloween items at different prices. Mark Your calendars September 17th. If you are stopping by to say hi in person. my Address will be posted the night before the event. If you would like to do Haunted Home Online log on to Facebook for the live feed. Time will be posted shortly. Still trying to iron that out.

Welcome to my Home and other shows for 2016

NewEnglandCharm11x14HeatherGleason2015 CoffinCreeps2014unfinished HorrorCreepCoffinHeatherGleason2014 kekacaseHeatherGleasonpillowdesign2014 HairyLegsHenriettaBigHeadBill2014HeatherGleason

Hello friends. I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their summer. My oldest daughter graduated from High School last week. I am super Happy for her and very excited to see her move into the beginning of adult hood.  OK so onto some show news or event news lol.

Lets start off with shows for the season. I am doing a few things different this year. Including my home sale that may go live to the internet for fans and collectors that live far away and cant make it out.


September 24th 11am-5Pm I will be opening my home to the public. Well my Work studio area. 😉 This area will be transformed into a spooky space filled with New creations. All of these creations will be offered for sale. I will have all sorts of paintings, one of a kind functional art pieces, hand made Jewelry, 3D art pieces, and some of my clothing designs. I am offering this so fans and collectors can come out and meet with me in a not so crazy setting as some know my shows get pretty busy and its hard to chat with so many people around. I live in the Hudson Valley Region of New York Ulster County to be exact. The address will be posted a few days prior to my Spooktacular event. This is a one day only event. Will last only between the hours of 11am-5PM. NO EXCEPTIONS. Unless notified email in advance for a later or earlier time in the day. The Hudson Valley offers many great fun things to do in the Autumn season. If you are from out of the area and would like to make it to my In Home Spooktacular event plan the rest of your day at a local farm picking apples and pumpkins, eating at one of the many great restaurants or check out some of the Haunted Houses that will be opening that weekend. Plan ahead create your own Spooktacular weekend!

October 1-2nd The Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. THE DATES have changed for one of my most favorite shows!! The garlic festival usually opens the last weekend in September every year. NOT this year. It is now The first weekend in October. 🙂 No problems here. I’m in lol. I cant miss this Great fun filled show.!! The Kiwanis club does a spectacular job organizing this event every year. You don’t want to miss The Hudson Valley Garlic Festival if you are in the area that weekend. LOTS AND LOTS OF GARLIC!! Free samples of Food galore. Arts and Crafts vendors, live music, cooking demonstrations from the nations top chefs., garlic farmers from around the country, a children’s area with arts and crafts tent where children can decorate their own pumpkins and other fun things for free. Wear COMFY shoes and dress to entertain the weather. Temps are always up and down that time of year.  I will be in the same spot right next to Junction stage. Look for my tent or my friend Merve the Mummy standing right outside. You can purchase tickets on the Hudson Valley Garlic Website or at participating stores or you can wait till day of your visit and purchase at the gate.

October 8th 12:30-4:00 The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Mark your calendars fiends!! I will be hosting a Spooktacular painting class once again in the breathtaking Sleepy Hollow Cemetery chapel. Tickets will go on sale in September. SO if you want to go… Clear the date and time and head on over to this fun event. I will be offering up how to create 2-3 different scenes on 11″x 14″ canvas panels. Participants get to choose what scene and characters they want to create the day of the event. Everything will be provided for you. Just bring yourself and an open mind. must be 18 or older. I do offer classes for younger age groups but these must be booked in advance. The Chapel itself is unique with Stained glass windows that tell the story of  Washington Irving. Once you step on to the grounds of the cemetery. It is like you are transported to another world. The world of the dead that is. Not in a creepy way but in a most peaceful way. The grave sites are some of the most spectacular you will ever see in the country. The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery offers tours of the cemetery during  the day and at night. Farther into the season the groups get larger and more frequent. You can roam the grounds yourself but you may miss some of the prominently named that are resting in the cemetery. It is VERY large and you can most definitely get lost without a map! SO find a map and get to walking. Go tot eh sleepy Hollow Cemetery website to check out dates and times for their guided tours. Don’t forget to mark your calendar  October 8th!!  Tickets will go on sale in September.

More show dates will be added shortly. 🙂


FASHION……my textile design


Good day my dear Fiends. I took a few weeks off to get my head in gear and to work on this ever evolving clothing line. The Textiles are done and here is a sneak peak at just a few of the textiles i have created 🙂 Not gonna give away all the designs. Very different from Painting lol. You will soon be wearing my designs on your everyday wear. YAY!! I am sticking with basic designs to start like tank tops, Short sleeve and 3/4 sleeve shirts to start. Some button up blouses and YES guys i got you covered with some button up shirts. Kinda like those Hawaiian shirts but with a Gothic touch 🙂  x

Print SALE TODAY 3/29/2016

12596858_10153409691013105_2056653533_o (1)

Print Sale going on today!! Purchase 2 prints get 1 FREE!! Don’t miss out. Good for ALL PRINTS!!! Comment at check out or email me what print you would like to receive for free!!