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Painting Party with Heather Gleason

Painting Party

Abigail’s Torso Acrylic Painting LARGE

Abigail's Torso

Acrylic Paints on 16 x 20" stretched canvas

She is a Beauty. Lots of wonderful detail and much time went into her.

This lovely creature upon a closer look has super sharp teeth. Looks like this young lady was bitten once or twice by something blood thirsty and dead.

She has succumb to the living their axes and sharp tools. What is left of her is her lovely face and tormented torso.

A Creepy piece for sure. To have the Original will be mesmerizing and Haunting. I don't want to let her go. So you must like her as much as I do to take her home.

Shipping is include in Price for the U.S only.



Price: $333.00

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Alice In Wonderland Clock One Of A Kind



We're All Mad Here

Says the Cheshire Cat!

Original One Of  A Kind Wood Clock. 

Measures 5-7/8”w x 24”tall x 3/4”deep

A keyhole slot at back is provided for easy hanging on your wall.

Created Using High Quality Acrylic Paints.

Battery Operated Quartz Movement Clock.

If you LOVE Alice In Wonderland and are looking for something unique then this is for YOU!

This One Of a Kind Clock was Painted in 1 Day for 9 1/ 2 hours straight. No Patterns were used. Just me and My Trusty Brush.

This design was inspired by Alice Falling Down the Rabbit Hole. The Cheshire Cat Sits at the Top of the Clock looking Down at Alice with  a BIG GRIN!

Some images from the Story was used in her Fall down the Rabbit Hole as Her dress catches air almost like a Parachute. Normal Playing Cards with Just one Crazy 

Living Guard Card. 

Sides are Painted with a Black and White Striped boarder all the way around the Clock. 

Truly a One Of  A kind Piece for any Alice in Wonderland Collector.  

FEDEX GROUND SHIPPING is INCLUDED IN PRICE!! Please keep that in Mind when Purchasing this Clock.  

If you have any questions feel free to email me at anytime, 

Price: $270.00

Black Cat Witch hat with stand

Black Cat Witch Hat with stand

Acrylic Paints on small 7" Paper Mache witch hat. Comes with wood stand.

Hat comes off the stand. Two seperate pieces. But why would you want to take it off? The hat looks perfect perched on top.

This hat has a Black cat instead of a witch. With small stars on the tip. Jack o Lanterns surround the brim of the hat. 

Measures about 12" tall when hat is placed on top of the stand.

Shipping is included in price for the U.S only


Price: $35.00

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Deadly Nightshade original 11 x 14 Painting


Deadly Nightshade

Original Acrylic Painting on 11 x 14" Canvas Panel

My first painting for the 2018 year. She is Dark and Lovely.

Beautiful details make this Dark Beauty pop!!

Bats flutter around her with Cobweb Wings. 

Tattered clothing whips around in the wind along with her long Black hair. 

She comes out at night as she errects and stretches her dried out bones to the night sky.

Shipping is included in Price for the U.S only

International shipping to Canada will be billed Seperate for shipping at $17.00

International shipping to the UK will be billed seperatly for shipping at $28.00

Price: $200.00

Death Halloween Banner Wood Painting

Death Halloween Banner

Acrylic Paints on 9 x 20" Wood Painting/ shelf


This is the Perfect piece if you love the look and feel of old world Vintage Halloween.

This is a Wood Piece in the shape of a banner. The top of the painting has a small wood shelf. Just big enough to place small figurines or nothing at all lol. Comes with saw tooth hanger at back.

The Reaper is manifesting himself out of a Jack O Lantern a Frightened kitty watches and hisses at Mr. Death. A Malevolent moon sits center under Some Creepy Lettering spelling out Halloween. Drippy and ooze like lol. Just an awesome piece...SO MUCH NICER IN PERSON!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

This is a One Of A Kind piece. Don't miss out.

Shipping is included in price for the U.S ONLY!

Price: $150.00

Double Creature Feature


The Double Creature Feature


Acrylic paints on individual 11 x 5" pine wood panels. 

Entire piece measures.

11 x 10 when flat

This piece has hinges holding the two wood pieces together at center. 

Place tabletop in your home or office.

Colors are an eerie light blue and turqouis. 

Death meets death.

This is the smallest of the Double Creature pieces. Check out the larger pieces when available. 

Shipping is included in price for the U.S only. International orders please message for shipping quotes. 



Price: $80.00

Fright Night Clock

Fright Night Clock

Acrylic Paints on 7 x 30" wood clock

Battery Operated Digital clock

Goblin Green, Black and Cream used throughout. A Very Cool Clock in deed.


Lots of Creepy Details.

Much time went into making this piece.

Be sure and look at all the details down to the small spider webs and the drippy ooze like Text πŸ™‚

Key Hole hanger in back for easy hanging.

comes signed and dated by me Artist Heather Gleason.

This is one of my Favorite clocks. Get this one of a kind clock before it is gone!!

Shipping is included in price for the U.S only

Price: $250.00

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Ghastly Print Bundle

Ghastly Pack

You get (4) 8 x 10" digital prints on heavy stock paper.

These prints will come signed by Artist Heather Gleason.  

A mix of Halloween and dark art in 1 bundle. 

Shipping is included in price for the U.S only

Price: $20.00

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Goblin Green Halloween Party Horn OOAK

The Goblin Green Party Horn

large Party Horn

I left the tinsel/ Garland off of this one. I wanted to emasculate this one. I did not want to add any kind of fluff to this one.

So if you like the tinsel i do have two more of these. πŸ™‚

The quality is nice in these horns. the paper is sturdy and will last a long time

measures a total if 12" from top of plastic mouth piece to bottom of horn. Fun SpOoKy Halloween design wraps around the horn.

Perfect for any Halloween Art Collector.

This is a One Of  A Kind. Much time went into making these fun pieces. It was worth it in the end!!

Shipping is included in price for the U.S only.

Price: $50.00

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Halloween Mantle Clock

Halloween Mantle Clock

Acrylic Paints on 14"x11" Wood Mantle clock


Lots of Old World Halloween Feel and Look.

Orange Black and Cream are the Three colors used on this clock. The Details POP!!

I hand sculpted a Rotting Pumpkin that sits on top of the clock. he has a twisting rooted nose with two small teeth. I went out into the woods and clipped some dried up vines and placed them on the Jacks Top as his stem.

One side of the Clock has The Reaper /Death which will be the right side and the other left side has a Witch and Owl.

This clock is Beyond much nicer in person.

Battery operated mechs come with the clock.

This is a one of a kind clock. Don't miss out!

Shipping is included in price for the U.S Only.

Price: $250.00

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Haunted Mansion Wood Painting



The Haunted Mansion Wood Painting

11 1/2" x 8

Created using High quality Acrylic Paints. Creepy Greens and Blues set the mood for this Original Haunted Mansion Painting. Sides are raised almost like a frame. I then added Goblins and Ghoulies Creatures of Fright We Summon You Now to Dance Through the Night along the front side of the lift frame. Sides are painted Green with both left and right sides added Spider Web designs. 

This Painting can be place table top propped against another object as shown in the photos or hung on your wall. Satin hanger at back.

Painting comes to you signed and dated by myself Heather Gleason. 

Shipping is included in price for the U.S. No additional charges

International orders to Canada will be sent a separate invoice with an additional charge of $12.00. UK will be sent a separate invoice of an additional charge of $21.00. 

Old Price: $125.00

Price: $80.00

You save: $45.00


I Do Believe In Spooks Painting


I Do Believe in Spooks

Original Painting

Acrylic Paints on 10 x 20" wood piece.

Comes ready to hang signed and dated by Artist Heather Gleason

A ghost frames the Painting as it hovers over and the outside of the painting. Surrounded by an eerie Green Haze. Jack O Lanterns with Big eyeballs and teeth line the bottom of the painting and move in toward the cemetery. An Old Mansion sits on the hill to the left of the painting. The Mansion sits across from a Haunted cemetery where at Midnight the Spooks Roam around. Awesome nice size piece with lots of detail. I had a lot of fun painting this. Please remember This is a One Of A Kind piece. No prints or replicas will be made. Don't miss out. Get it before it is gone.

Shipping is included in price for the U.S only. 


Price: $185.00

Mean Green Halloween Wood Box

14339970_10207589207233820_981084331_o 14339399_10207589174473001_1731225514_o 14408293_10153972413638105_210074385_o 14393951_10153972412588105_2007974374_o 14393773_10153972414028105_1169684738_o 14359796_10153972413828105_257148908_o 14360413_10153972414343105_1103624496_o 14359909_10207589206913812_1490243347_o

SOLD!! Mean and Green Halloween Box

This box is painted from top to bottom with all sorts of Halloween πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Witches, and skeletons, Black cats, coffins, Haunted Houses.

Knob or handle on top of box is painted like a Jack O lantern

Created using high quality Acrylic Paints

this box measures 10" tall 8" wide. 12" if measured from top of Jack O Lantern πŸ™‚

The Box is heavy and sturdy not flimsy in anyway.

19 Hours total worked on this piece alone. Great detail and a One Of A Kind piece.

FedEx shipping is included in the price. For U.S only

Price: $375.00

Primitive Witch Halloween Party Horn

Primitive Witch Party Horn

A Fun One of a kind Party Horn

Measures 12" tall from top of plastic mouth piece to bottom of horn.

Lots of time and details went into these party horns.

This one has the Look of Old World Halloween.

Prim Witches dance all around the bottom of the horn. Bottom is lined with Orange and Black Metallic Tinsel.

Simple Handmade piece that will last a long time. The Paper mache is not flimsy it is very sturdy.

Perfect for any Halloween Art collection.

Don't miss out.

Shipping is included in price for the U.S only.


Price: $70.00

Raven Women’s Tank Top sizes Small- XX-Large

The Raven

Women's Tank Top

I wanted to start out with making tank tops as they can be worn year round. Summer of course but in the fall and winter when we are stuck inside with forced heat  ugh HOT! This Tank would be great under a Cardigan or shall! If it gets to hot take the cardigan off and cool down.

This is a semi Fitted shirt. If you want a more fitted top order one size down. I suggest ordering your regular size though as it falls nicely to the female form.

It is made of a Soft Polyester stretch material. It is Medium weight silky and soft to the touch. Falls down mid hip so when you put your hands up the tank stays down over the belly not above exposing skin.

I have created the textile design myself. It was a lot of fun and very proud of the design. This is not fabric bought at the store for cheap. This is custom made fabric. This is a Boutique item and made of the highest quality right down to the woven Garment tags with the My Eclectic Mind logo on them πŸ™‚

I have teamed up with a Business here in my local area that Creates Clothing "Knightly Endevours". Jay Reeder is now sewing the garments for me. He makes fantastic Clothing for Renaissance fanatics! we will be working together to create basic garments to lovely Blazers lined with Satin and high end notions, some super sexy dresses and Corsets!


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Price: $50.00

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Spooky One Of A Kind Wood Box


Spooky Box

Original Hand Crafted and Painted wood Box. 

Measures 10" x 4" 3" deep.

Spooky Green, Turquoise, Halloween Orange colors POP on a Solid Black Bacdrop. A Frightened kitty hisses at a Ghastly moaning Ghost. Jack o lanterns withering away at the bottom front of the box. Cats eye on left side of the box right side shows the ghost moving from front, right side to top as shown in the photo above. The Perfect One Of A Kind piece for the Halloween Collector. 

Shipping included in Price for the U.S only. 



Price: $105.00

The Crimson Ghost Coffin Painting

The Crimson Ghost

Acrylic Paints on coffin shaped Pine wood Plaque. 

Comes to you signed and dated by artist Heather Gleason ready  to hang with sawtooth hanger at back.

Measures 20" tall x 9" width

Sides are routed giving dimension to sides. 😊

Being a fan of the Crimson Ghost movie I wanted to give this strange character color. With his long Blood Red robe. Piercing eyes that stare at you as he fits perfectly in this coffin shaped painting. Great size. Not tooo small not tooo big. Guarantee this guy will be noticed hanging on your wall or displayed anywhere you put him. 

Please not these are original paintings and the wood pieces are hand crafted. 

Shipping is included in price for the U.S only

International orders please contact me for shipping quotes. Thank You 


Price: $130.00

The Haunted Mansion Clock



The Haunted Mansion 

Wood clock one of a kind

Measures 5 7/8" x 24" tall 

3/4" deep

Key hole hanger at back for hanging.

Beautiful quartz mechanisms.

Battery operated. 

If you are a lover of the Haunted Mansion. This Spooktacular piece is for you. Hand painted with lovely details. Three grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize. 😉 Don't miss out on this fun piece. Comes signed and dated by Artist Heather Gleason. 

FedEx ground shipping is included in price for the U.S only. International orders please message me for shipping quotes.

Old Price: $300.00

Price: $280.00

You save: $20.00


Three Witches Original Painting 24″ x 36″

heathergleasonpromo2016hauntedhome 14315530_10153962113633105_1322058634_o 14315827_10153962113608105_1258145872_o 14329225_10153962113643105_2026560354_o 14359632_10153962113553105_1405741143_o 14360338_10153962112448105_1029950301_o

SOLD! Three Witches

Original Acrylic Painting on 24" x 36" Stretched canvas.

This is the Largest Halloween themed Painting I have ever created to date. May I say I just LOVE it!! You have to love it as much as I do to take this one home! πŸ˜‰

Standing in front of this painting you can almost walk right in and join in with these Three sisters.

Beautiful Halloween Colors or Deep Burgundy, Reds, Halloween Orange. The sisters are conjuring up their own spirits. All they need to do is reach out and touch the Ghostly hand reaching out of the Jack O Lantern. The Oldest sister to the left does not seem impressed πŸ™‚ Large cemetery with all sorts of Headstones surround the sisters including two vaults at the top of each hill on either sides of the painting. Looks great Hanging without being framed. Would look amazing in a Beautiful Victorian Black Frame. Its up to the Buyer as this piece will ship unframed. Signed on the bottom right hand corner by myself Heather Gleason.

This Large Painting will be packaged and shipped through FedEx Ground. It is a Very Large piece so International shipping will not be offered.

Shipping is INCLUDED in price shown for the U.S only.

Price: $600.00

Trick R Treat Pen Holder with Witch Broom Pen

Trick R Treat Pen Holder with Witch Broom pen

Acrylic Paints on wood Pen Holder

Perfect for any Halloween Fiends Desk for Home or Office.

Comes with a Wooden Witch broom Pen. All sides are painted with SpoOkY Halloween designs

5" tall x 3" wide

Shipping is included in price for the U.S and Eastern Canada only

Price: $32.00

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Witch Hat with Wood Stand

Decorative Witch Hat with Wood Hat stand

Acrylic Paints on small paper mache Decorative witch hat.

Hand Painted with Jack O Lanterns all around the rim of the hat. Base of the Hat I painted one Witch flying on her Broom and Golden

Yellow Stars right above her head. Hat comes off the Wooden stand. But why take it off it holds it so perfectly. this is for decorative purposes only. Unless you have a tiny little Head lol. Hat is about 7" tall by itself when it is perched on the Wood Stand it measures about 12" tall πŸ™‚

Super Pretty and very colorful!!!

Shipping is included in price for the U.S only!!!


Price: $35.00

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