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Witchy Cheer Original Painting BLACK FRIDAY

Witchy Cheer

Acrylic Paints on 8 x 10" canvas panel

Comes to you unframed signed and dated by Artist Heather Gleason

TODAY ONLY!! Black Friday Perk.

Purchase total of $60.00-100.00 receive a FREE 5x7" Witchy Print (my choice) and a small Hand sculpted Snow Pumpkin with Glitter.

Purchase total of $100.00-200.00 today receive a Small Handmade Snow Pumpkin with Glitter AND YOUR CHOICE of 2 8x10" Prints.

Purchase total of $200.00 or more today receive a 5x7" witchy Print (my choice) a small Handmade Snow Pumpkin with Glitter And a Custom 5 x 7 Painting with your own Details. 

If you love the Holidays and spending time with family and friends you will love this Witchy Wonderland Scape.

Witches gather round to give gifts, Gather around a warm fire for friendly chatter sleigh riding and building a snowman under

the large full moon.

A Lovely Fun Piece Perfect for the Holidays!

Shipping is included in Price for the U.S only


Price: $65.00

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