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Darkling 2X LARGE Womens Cut TShirt


SAVE $$ TODAY!!!! Black Friday ONLY!!


Womens Cut. Hugs your curves no straight up and down. 🙂

This image was altered to give a worn look of Sephia color. I have been wearing this particular T-shirt once a week since having it printed several weeks ago. I LOVE IT. So soft and get compliments on the design 🙂 You will love it.

These T-Shirts have lasted me a long time. They have gone through the wash over and over and still hold the image. I wear them while I paint, Hanging out around the House, out and about even to bed. They are still holding up for over 3 years since i first had the images printed on these Soft T-Shirts. they are not super thick and not thin. Just right! I had My daughter model this shirt off this morning lol.

Will ship directly from me from my studio 🙂

TODAY ONLY!! Black Friday Perk.

Purchase total of $60.00-100.00 receive a FREE 5x7" Witchy Print (my choice) and a small Hand sculpted Snow Pumpkin with Glitter.

Purchase total of $100.00-200.00 today receive a Small Handmade Snow Pumpkin with Glitter AND YOUR CHOICE of 2 8x10" Prints.

Purchase total of $200.00 or more today receive a 5x7" witchy Print (my choice) a small Handmade Snow Pumpkin with Glitter And a Custom 5 x 7 Painting with your own Details. 

includes shipping in price for the U.S only.

Old Price: $33.00

Price: $29.00

You save: $4.00

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