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Crown of Sadness Painting BLACK FRIDAY

Crown of Sadness

Acrylic Paints on 16 x 20" Stretched canvas

Painting comes ready to display signed and dated by Artist Heather Gleason

Miss Sadness wears her crown proudly. She walks around frumped over staring into space. She is the Walking Dead as her face seems to fall apart like dried up aged paper. Even the ravens are floating around her. Those birds are ready to peck. Tattered old dress long wired hair.

This is a large piece. I took a picture side by side with one of the 8 x 10" canvas panels I usually offer to compare sizes. The painting has lovely color and great detail.

TODAY ONLY!! Black Friday Perk.

Purchase total of $60.00-100.00 receive a FREE 5x7" Witchy Print (my choice) and a small Hand sculpted Snow Pumpkin with Glitter.

Purchase total of $100.00-200.00 today receive a Small Handmade Snow Pumpkin with Glitter AND YOUR CHOICE of 2 8x10" Prints.

Purchase total of $200.00 or more today receive a 5x7" witchy Print (my choice) a small Handmade Snow Pumpkin with Glitter And a Custom 5 x 7 Painting with your own Details. 

Shipping is included in Price for the U.S only.

Price: $100.00

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