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Black Cat Witch hat with stand

Black Cat Witch Hat with stand

TODAY ONLY!! Black Friday Perk.


Purchase total of $60.00-100.00 receive a FREE 5x7" Witchy Print (my choice) and a small Hand sculpted Snow Pumpkin with Glitter.

Purchase total of $100.00-200.00 today receive a Small Handmade Snow Pumpkin with Glitter AND YOUR CHOICE of 2 8x10" Prints.

Purchase total of $200.00 or more today receive a 5x7" witchy Print (my choice) a small Handmade Snow Pumpkin with Glitter And a Custom 5 x 7 Painting with your own Details. 

Acrylic Paints on small 7" Paper Mache witch hat. Comes with wood stand.

Hat comes off the stand. Two seperate pieces. But why would you want to take it off? The hat looks perfect perched on top.

This hat has a Black cat instead of a witch. With small stars on the tip. Jack o Lanterns surround the brim of the hat. 

Measures about 12" tall when hat is placed on top of the stand.

Shipping is included in price for the U.S only


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Price: $28.00

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