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Arachnid Surreal Acrylic Framed Painting



Original Acrylic Painting on 8 x 10" canvas Panel

This Painting will come framed in the frame showed in the above Photos. 

A woman stands still as a Large 8 legged weaver dangles from her hair. Could this be Miss Moffit? 

Strange yet Dark piece. Surreal piece I made one night alone at home. lots of time holding my breathe with these brush strokes. Time consuming and steady hand. Awesome colors and details. I am very fond of this piece. She is hard to part with. This will have to go to a very special kind of person. whom may like the Strange and unusual. Much nicer in person. I promise you that. 

shipping is included in Price for the U.S only.


Purchase this Painting Receive a 2" Hand Sculpted Snow Pumpkin FREE!! 



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Price: $50.00

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