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Relocating to a different server

Hey guys. I will be relocating to a different server in the next couple of weeks. So please hang in there as I move my website. More artwork and products including my clothing line will be available soon. 

If you are on Facebook or instagram please follow those social media platforms to stay in touch. 💀🎃👻

Chat soon !!!!!!

Happy Almost Halloween 🎃

Halloween is only a Fee more days and I hope many of you got to do some fun Spooky things. If you have not yet. This weekend is the time to do it. Well depending on where you are. Where I live in NY we are suppose to get some nasty weather. Lots of rain and wind. An indoor Halloween party is my speed and that is what i plan on doing. I am goong as Hell Girl so i havento get my costume together. Are any of you making plans? Dress up? Decorating your home with the final touches for the big day? Wjatever it is as long as you are Happy and Having fun then do it!!!🎃 

Having hurt my hand and wrist from painting way to much this year I had to take a break this month from painting. It came at a weird time being the busy season and all but i did need some rest. In my down time i was able to work on my print collection. Which over the years had been way to busy to do. Until now!! November I will have a Large collection of my prints available. Including some Calander posters like the one above. Lots of fun new things. Not to forget I will have my Black Friday Sale as well. I will continue to stock Prints on my website at all times as it is hard to continue to paint on a daily basis when I have so much joint pain. I do not want to paint so much that i can no longer paint. Which will break me in half. I love painting….I do need it!! Soo. November keep an eye here on my site for new products. Black Friday I will have my Online Black Friday sale along with some great deals and free items. 🙂 

The Halloween Season is here! Happy October 1st everyone!

Hello Fiends.

It is October 1st. That means the Halloween Season has Just begun. Lots of Spooktacular events happening all over.

I have plans for some Fun Spooky Happenings this fall. Including my Painting class at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery this Saturday. Tickets have sold out. But I will be working with The Events Director at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery for another Fun Class if possible in the coming weeks.

I will have TWO more Facebook Pop Up Sales this month on Facebook. one will be this Thursday October 4th at 5PM est. The Second Pop Up Will be October 11th at 5PM est. time on Facebook. After that I need to rest and Get in on all the Spooky Fun that everyone seems to be doing besides me every year!! lol…I am ALWAYS PAINTING!! I also hurt my Painting Hand which is leaving me with very soar joints and two hurt Painting fingers. the pain radiates down into my wrist. SOOO it will be rest for my hand and lots of Spooktacular Fun for me! What are the Spooky Happenings around your area this year? If you are reading this and are thinking nothing or I have no idea. look it up on the internet. I am sure there is something you can plan besides picking Pumpkins or apples or watching the leaves change colors HEHEHE! Yeah they are fun we all do it. BUT there has go to be something more. Be sure and look up some local Haunted Houses in your area, get in on some of the Live Ghost tours or Hunts! Anyways I hope you all have something fun Planned for October 🙂

On another note. I would like to thank everyone that stopped by my booth this past weekend while attending The Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. I met a lot of new faces this year. I almost sold out Completely which is AWESOME! The Weather this year was absolutely PERFECT!! It i always so much fun doing the Garlic Fest. I hope everyone that came on out had a Fangtastic time!!! I hope to see you all next year!! With the same exact lovely weather 🙂

ok so if you are visiting my site for the first time. Click my facebook link to the right of your screen. Follow me on Facebook. I try and get on there at least once a week. I am also on Instagram if you wanted to follow me there it is Myeclecticmind as well. 🙂 I am on Instagram a lot as I do not have to pay the company to show my fan my posts or pictures.  SO click away and start following to stay in touch . I have some fun painting classes coming up in the works so keep and eye and ear out!!
So long for now Fiends.

Tonight’s the Night! Hooray for Halloween!!

TONIGHT 7PM come back to my website. I will have all sorts of FUN SpOoKy goodies for you! Including a Small launch of tank tops In a variety sizes small-3X. I have created all the textile designs. which has been very fun. I am loving the high quality of the Fabric, my Designs and workmanship that went into making these tops. Starting out small. If I get enough orders more designs will come out including Leggings, 3/4 sleeve tops and more tanks that you can wear everyday, at home or at the office right in time for Autumn. This winter my goal is to work on more of the above garments and add in Dresses, and blazers. Please stop by 7PM est. see what I have to offer. 🙂

Have a Frightfully Great Day!!!

Halloween Events 2018


Hello Halloween Fiends. It has been a while since posting to my blog and website. I do apologize. But all good things come to those who wait. Especially the CrEePy kind. My Mind, eyes and hands have been painting feverishly everyday. Creating all sorts of goodies for you. A mix of Goodies I may add. It is hard to pick a theme this year. I have been all over every corner of my wicked webbed brain sweeping out ideas. 

Friday September 14th 7PM est. I will be having my Haunted Halloween Website Sale. All the goodies I have been working on will be offered here on my website. From Vintage timeless Halloween colors and images, to Super Creepy Dark art. I will have a variety of clocks in different sizes and price range of course. Coffin boxes, bat and Black cat key ornaments, Jack o lantern sculptures, light up Wood Paintings, ouija boards, one of a kind collectible Halloween Party horns, limited pieces from my clothing line, Canvas paintings and MORE!!! So mark your calanders Friday September 14th 7PM Est. Time. Links will be posted from my Facebook page and my Instagram account. Don’t moss oit on this one. This is the Biggie with the BEST!! 

September 29-30th Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

Cantine Field Saugerties, NY

I love this show. I am sure if you have made it here you love it just as much as me. Well I love it because I get to meet many of you and it is a TON of FUN. Did i mention the Garlic? Humans are safe from Vampires on this weekend in Saugerties. I will have a Large tent set up “POp-UP shop decorated with my creations. If you miss my online sale and are in the Saugerties area on September 29-30th be sure and stop by and pick something SpOoky up yourself and say Hello. Mention my blog and receive a FREE 8 x 10” print of your choice at the festival. You must mention my blog. 🎃 


October 6th. 11-2pm. 

Painting class with Heather Gleason at the Sleepy Holow Cemetery.

This year I have decided to pay tribute to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I will be showing Participants in my class how to paint a Wood Tavern sign with the Terrorizing Headless Horseman on it WeEeWoOo!! Photo is above headling this blog post. Ticket sales will be available up on the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery website September 1st. I have decided to do the class a little earlier in the day so your day is not blocked of other Spooky activities that will be taking place during this wonderful SpOoKy Season.

So if you have been wanting to participate in this class be sure and get your tickets early. Tickets are limited. 

Well that is all for now. I will be posting more very shortly. But for now it is back to work for me and my paint brush. Tata for now.


Creepy Times New Work



Something Wicked this way comes.

She is Pretty isn’t she? 

The Painting is Pretty. Muahaha

It will not be for long. Dark and Scary something waits to be painted. 

Larger Canvas at 34″

Much more details and so far many hours. Will post more progress photos as I move along and add more paint to the canvas 😀 

I have two unique clocks I will be working on next month. They will be completed by March. Another Alice in Wonderland themed piece. Second Creature from the Black Lagoon. More clocks will come to fruition over the next 5 months. It depends on what my mood and thoughts are to paint. Thoughts can not be forced or the images come out horrible. We do not want a lovely piece of wood to be ruined. We don’t want that no no no 😉 

All new artwork small and tall will be uploaded to my website. 2x a month I will hold facebook Pop up sales. They will be held at random so be sure and follow me on my fanpage. Click the home button or look to the right of the page and click the like button. I will limiting the Pop Up sales to only 2x. This will give me more time to work on larger and more detailed projects I have been keeping locked up inside.So if you like the smaller pieces and enjoy the sales keep an eye out. The paintings go super quick durring the sales. 

Have a Frightfully Great Day friends!!!



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!🎄🎁

I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to visit my website over the past year and my Facebook page. Thanks to all who has purchased artwork from me. It is fans like you that help me keep my full time Painting job alive. 😁 You are all awesome Thank You!!

As always January and February is the time to get cusom paintings from me. Get in Touch with me for custom pieces now for Jan – Feb. I do custom work year round but winter months are best and have a faster turn out.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. 😀❄🎄 See you soon!! 


Holidays are coming

Holidays are coming.


I will have Pop Up Sales weekly on Facebook. 

I will also be updating my website store right here often once a week with new Artwork. 

To view pop up sales you must have a Facebook account. If you look to the right at the top of the page you will see my Facebook page. click the like button and start following me. I will have random POP up sales. Most of the time the pieces are 8 x 10″ Canvas panels.

Larger pieces or detailed Wood Pieces will be listed here in my website store. 

If you are looking for something special for that undercover Spooky Lover in your life. Check out my art and gift them a piece they may Love you for it. 

Head over to Facebook and like my page. 🙂

Thank You…… Black Friday!!


Thank You to everyone that stopped by my website on Black Friday! A BIG Thank You to those who purchased from my website store! I really appreciate your support and business. It is collectors like you that keep me going and help make me as a working full time Artist Survive! THANK YOU!

I will be working tomorrow Sunday Nov 26th getting all your goodies Packaged and ready to send out. to all those that qualify for free paintings you will be contacted via Email over the next few days to go over custom details of your free Paintings. 🙂 

Cyber Monday I will also be hosting a Sale of sorts. It will not be as Big as Black Friday but I will have some fun giveaways and great Deals! So be sure to stop by Cyber Monday November 27th all day!!! New Paintings and MORE!!! 

thanks again

Black Friday Sale Nov 24th 6AM

Hello Friends. Black Friday is almost here. Stop by my website November 24th starting 6AM I will have a large selection of of original Paintings, functional art, Tiny Sculptures, Print Bundles and more. Orders will receive free goodies too!! Stop by check it out.