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The Halloween Season is here! Happy October 1st everyone!

Hello Fiends.

It is October 1st. That means the Halloween Season has Just begun. Lots of Spooktacular events happening all over.

I have plans for some Fun Spooky Happenings this fall. Including my Painting class at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery this Saturday. Tickets have sold out. But I will be working with The Events Director at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery for another Fun Class if possible in the coming weeks.

I will have TWO more Facebook Pop Up Sales this month on Facebook. one will be this Thursday October 4th at 5PM est. The Second Pop Up Will be October 11th at 5PM est. time on Facebook. After that I need to rest and Get in on all the Spooky Fun that everyone seems to be doing besides me every year!! lol…I am ALWAYS PAINTING!! I also hurt my Painting Hand which is leaving me with very soar joints and two hurt Painting fingers. the pain radiates down into my wrist. SOOO it will be rest for my hand and lots of Spooktacular Fun for me! What are the Spooky Happenings around your area this year? If you are reading this and are thinking nothing or I have no idea. look it up on the internet. I am sure there is something you can plan besides picking Pumpkins or apples or watching the leaves change colors HEHEHE! Yeah they are fun we all do it. BUT there has go to be something more. Be sure and look up some local Haunted Houses in your area, get in on some of the Live Ghost tours or Hunts! Anyways I hope you all have something fun Planned for October 🙂

On another note. I would like to thank everyone that stopped by my booth this past weekend while attending The Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. I met a lot of new faces this year. I almost sold out Completely which is AWESOME! The Weather this year was absolutely PERFECT!! It i always so much fun doing the Garlic Fest. I hope everyone that came on out had a Fangtastic time!!! I hope to see you all next year!! With the same exact lovely weather 🙂

ok so if you are visiting my site for the first time. Click my facebook link to the right of your screen. Follow me on Facebook. I try and get on there at least once a week. I am also on Instagram if you wanted to follow me there it is Myeclecticmind as well. 🙂 I am on Instagram a lot as I do not have to pay the company to show my fan my posts or pictures.  SO click away and start following to stay in touch . I have some fun painting classes coming up in the works so keep and eye and ear out!!
So long for now Fiends.