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January, 2018

Creepy Times New Work



Something Wicked this way comes.

She is Pretty isn’t she? 

The Painting is Pretty. Muahaha

It will not be for long. Dark and Scary something waits to be painted. 

Larger Canvas at 34″

Much more details and so far many hours. Will post more progress photos as I move along and add more paint to the canvas 😀 

I have two unique clocks I will be working on next month. They will be completed by March. Another Alice in Wonderland themed piece. Second Creature from the Black Lagoon. More clocks will come to fruition over the next 5 months. It depends on what my mood and thoughts are to paint. Thoughts can not be forced or the images come out horrible. We do not want a lovely piece of wood to be ruined. We don’t want that no no no 😉 

All new artwork small and tall will be uploaded to my website. 2x a month I will hold facebook Pop up sales. They will be held at random so be sure and follow me on my fanpage. Click the home button or look to the right of the page and click the like button. I will limiting the Pop Up sales to only 2x. This will give me more time to work on larger and more detailed projects I have been keeping locked up inside.So if you like the smaller pieces and enjoy the sales keep an eye out. The paintings go super quick durring the sales. 

Have a Frightfully Great Day friends!!!