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The Sun is Shining

The rain has stopped and the sun is shining. It has been raining the past three days here in NY. So glad to see Blue skies and the sun shinning. I have a family party or reunion to attend today and I am very much looking forward to it. I hope everyone has a wonderful fun filled Holiday weekend!!

Now on to some Art stuff. I have a sale going on right now in my etsy shop. Purchase $15.00 or more and get free shipping anywhere in the U.S. My Scarecrow coffins have been selling like hot cakes. So many of you are loving his evil stare. He really does look like he wants to poke someone with those long stick fingers of his. Go to my etsy shop now and take advantage of the free shipping. I have extended the sale through Sunday. Don’t miss out!!

I will be working on a few larger oil paintings this summer. These will be featured at the Lincoln Center Art Show in Manhattan this October 4-5th 😀 I hope many of my City friends come one out and say HELLLLOOOOO!!!

Ok time to get ready for the day.  Be back soon!!!