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November, 2013

What will I be up to this winter????

Well Halloween has Come and gone so quickly. I hope everyone had a Great one! For many of you reading this blog know I will be painting Halloween All year. Right now my website shop is sorta empty due to all you Halloween Fiends Collecting, Collecting, COLLECTING! Thank you by the way you’re all awesome and keep me on my Creepy Feet!! I WILL have NEW Paintings and Print Bundles to offer you this BLACKENED and Burnt up Friday November 29th! Be sure to mark your Calendars I will have lots to offer! Spooky Hand sculpted Ornaments, Crystal Spiders of all sizes and color, Winter& Halloween themed Paintings, Spooky Coffin boxes, Coffin Clocks, Jewelry, and an assortment of Prints, and fun Gift Certificates 🙂 Remember November 29th.