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Dreaming up some New things for you!


I am dreaming up some ideas that may bring some of your favorite designs that I have created to display other places besides a frame or your wall. I am doing some research and will be contacting some local printers that can work with me on the larger scale to make some of this happen.

On another note I have been working on my Halloween book that will be coming out this September. This book will be filled with lots of Halloween images from past to present. Some have been in private collection for years others will not be available for sale and are in MY personal collection. Each image will have a short story or poem to go along with it. Lots of FUN. I am still working with Heather Jones Taylor on our Mimi project and I can’t say enough about Heather she is Fantastic. She has hit the nail on the head when it came to Mimi’s personality and I cannot wait to share this experience and story with you. 🙂