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Halloween was SAVED!!! The Dutchess Community College Craft Show…

Hurricane, Tropical storm, Super storm Sandy roared through my neck of the woods and left me without power for 3 days. A short time frame compared to so many that are still without power or even a home. Last years Halloween was taken from us as a freak snow storm blew in and knocked out power. This year our power was turned on a few hours before operation scare little children came to Jack O Lantern light. I was very happy as i thought this year we once again would have been stripped from the festivities. I am so happy Halloween was saved and we got to celebrate the right way!!! Ok on to some more news..

I have been working everyday painting, sculpting making ornies for your Holiday decorating and gift giving. My site is still being worked on . This is a NEW major website redesign with a store front. The store front will be up in time for your gift giving so no worries there. I am just not sure of an exact date. SO please be patient lol. I have one more local arts and crafts show at the Dutchess Community College on November 24 and 25th. I will have all sorts of New paintings. Canvas prints are being made up as i type so not only will they be available at the show they will be available online as well. Much more affordable then the original but pretty close to the original. I have been working on Candy Cane creatures. Little Creatures that love eating candy canes, The Ghosts of Christmas Past these sculptures stand 12″- 15″ tall. All done with a spooky flare that I am sure you will love. I will have limited quantitiy Coffin Cases at the Craft Show this is a large item not like my tiny coffin trinket boxes. So keep your eye out lots of new things coming to light.