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Nyack Street Festival TODAY!!!! :D Nyack NY

Nyack Street Festival TODAY!! I have been battling a very bad lung infection for the past few days. A trip to the E.R and High doses of antibiotic, other remidies are helping me get by. My artwork WILL be at the Nyack Street Festival SUNDAY October 7th. TODAY!! My boyfriend William Gerald Berry will be filling in for me. He is truly wonderful and a Huge Help. He is Very friendly so please feel free to crac…
k a joke with him he is a ton of fun. Please stop by and say hello. I have paintings but not as much as usual due to me
unable to keep up with painting while being sick. I have 2 Haunted house paintings 12″x16″, 2 Primitive Village pieces. These paintings have been the most sought after so get them while they are available. I will have pin up girl paintings, limited Mimi pieces, and other smaller spooky Halloween pieces, along with larger girly paintings, coffin boxes, prints, and glass spiders. Stop by take a look. Bill will be there with my paintings 🙂 Sorry i cannot be there to meet some of you but this has been a very unpleasant experience. I NED TO GET BETTER! Get to the street festival early to have your first pick at what you would like. Booth will be on south Broadway in front of Post office between Hudson and depew ave. Its back to bed for me 🙁 thank you everyone!!