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Good Morning Ghouligans….

The moon is lovely this early Friday morning in October. Still battling this sucky lung infection but getting better then i was over a week ago. 
Any whooo Weds night I spoke with web designer Chad Savage. He has started to work on my new website. I am very excited what the final design will look like. He did such a great job with my current site that so many of you have loved over the years. But time for a change A great change. With a a Store front right here on my website. You will be able to purchase artwork and other curious things right here on my site instead of  going to second party websites. True I will still have Ebay auctions. But they will not be every week like i have had in the past. I paint almost everyday. I would like to put special offers here on my site at lower prices so I can eliminate fess i am charged from the 2nd party websites. I will have one of a kind pieces, prints, posters, t-shirts, Merch. I will be offering my larger coffin boxes as cabinets, shelve units. I will have clocks available as well. At first the store front won’t look like much but over time it will be filled with interesting things like you are with me at one of my shows. Keep an eye out within the next week. A whole new design will be popping up 🙂