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October, 2012

Spooky things are a Brewin……

New Website is still in construction. I have been painting up a storm to offer great pieces for your consideration here on my website. I am most confident that Chad Savage will whip up a Great design for the new site. Making it easier for collectors to purchase pieces directly from me with out hassle of a 2nd party site getting in the way. Mixed up emails was a big problem with communication between collector/fan and myself these selling on these sites. NO MORE! Again I will have auctions on occasion they can be fun for everyone. My website url will stay the same. Not changing up on that so if you visit me often that will stay the same no worries πŸ™‚ I have one more local show I will be attending for you New Yorkers and surrounding states. November 24-25th my Birthday πŸ˜‰ “Black Friday Weekend” I will be at the Dutchess County Community College selling all sorts of Goodies. Including creepy Holiday Ornaments, Spooky decorations and of course Original paintings and prints. Stop by and See my Booth dressed up for the Holiday Season πŸ™‚

Β The Halloween season again this year has been strangled with bad weather. Right now we are watching a hurricane in the south strengthening. Everyone is awaiting to see where this Hurricane will travel to. Met’s are reporting a direct hit to NJ, NYC, Cape cod. I am located in the Hudson Valley which if we get hit will most likely ruin my Halloween once again this year. Last year we had a HUGE snow storm leaving thousands with out power for days. So lets cross our fingers and hope this hurricane moves out to the ocean and misses the states all together. If not my 51 pumpkins will miss out on carving this year πŸ™

Stay Spooky my friends!!!

Good Morning Ghouligans….

The moon is lovely this early Friday morning in October. Still battling this sucky lung infection but getting better then i was over a week ago.Β 
Any whooo Weds night I spoke with web designer Chad Savage. He has started to work on my new website. I am very excited what the final design will look like. He did such a great job with my current site that so many of you have loved over the years. But time for a change A great change. With a a Store front right here on my website. You will be able to purchase artwork and other curious things right here on my site instead ofΒ  going to second party websites. True I will still have Ebay auctions. But they will not be every week like i have had in the past. I paint almost everyday. I would like to put special offers here on my site at lower prices so I can eliminate fess i am charged from the 2nd party websites. I will have one of a kind pieces, prints, posters, t-shirts, Merch. I will be offering my larger coffin boxes as cabinets, shelve units. I will have clocks available as well. At first the store front won’t look like much but over time it will be filled with interesting things like you are with me at one of my shows. Keep an eye out within the next week. A whole new design will be popping up πŸ™‚

Nyack Street Festival TODAY!!!! :D Nyack NY

Nyack Street Festival TODAY!! I have been battling a very bad lung infection for the past few days. A trip to the E.R and High doses of antibiotic, other remidies are helping me get by. My artwork WILL be at the Nyack Street Festival SUNDAY October 7th. TODAY!! My boyfriend William Gerald Berry will be filling in for me. He is truly wonderful and a Huge Help. He is Very friendly so please feel free to crac…
k a joke with him he is a ton of fun. Please stop by and say hello. I have paintings but not as much as usual due to me
unable to keep up with painting while being sick. I have 2 Haunted house paintings 12″x16″, 2 Primitive Village pieces. These paintings have been the most sought after so get them while they are available. I will have pin up girl paintings, limited Mimi pieces, and other smaller spooky Halloween pieces, along with larger girly paintings, coffin boxes, prints, and glass spiders. Stop by take a look. Bill will be there with my paintings πŸ™‚ Sorry i cannot be there to meet some of you but this has been a very unpleasant experience. I NED TO GET BETTER! Get to the street festival early to have your first pick at what you would like. Booth will be on south Broadway in front of Post office between Hudson and depew ave. Its back to bed for me πŸ™ thank you everyone!!

Wonderful Time at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival….NEW shows this weekend

I had a wonderful time at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival this weekend. Thanks to all who stopped by and said Hello. If you bought paintings or prints from me please feel free to share your new pieces on my facebook fan page πŸ™‚ I will see you next year for the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival 25th Anniversary. I will have interesting new works for next years celebrations.

This weekend I have a few shows as well.
October 6th I will be at Darkside Records and gallery in Poughkeepsie, NY opening reception starts at 8pm. I will have some works hanging all month long. stop in and say Hello.

October 7th I will be at the Nyack Street Festival in Nyack, NY. This is a rain or shine all day event. I will have MANY paintings and prints available for purchase. Β Get there early to get your first pick at some Spooky works. This is my last big show until the end of November which I will be attending the Dutchess County Community College Holiday fair.

This month the amazing and talented Chad Savage will be helping me start up a store front here on my website. You will be able to purchase paintings, prints and other fun things directly from my website with a credit card ALL YEAR LONG!! New paintings and prints will be added weekly. No more boring cheesy posters from local home good stores. Now you can decorate with what you REALLY WANT. ANYIME You want!! Check back often for the store update πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ I hope to see some of you this weekend.