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This Friday & Saturday Bank Square Coffee House & Miss Fanny’s Victorian Party House

Just a little sneak peek of what I will have available this Friday and for the Month Of October at The Bank Square Coffee House.  “Night Birds” is an 11″x14″ canvas panel created using High Quality Acrylic Paints. This is one of many Paintings I will be hanging. Opening Reception is this Friday September 21st. 8-10PM music by the Costellos. Three Amazing Beers by Southern Tier will be on tap. Creme Brulee, Harvest and PUMP KING!!!! They will also heave some of their fantastic coffees, Teas, cider and freshly baked munchies available. Stop by say Hi and have some fun!! Lets kick off the Fall Festivities 😀

 Saturday evening September 22nd I will be at Miss Fanny’s Victorian Party House in Wappingers Falls NY. A one night Soiree I will have Artwork displayed for purchase. Be sure and bring a camera this house is known for uninvited guests from beyond!! Will you catch something on camera??? Wax artist Sigrid Sarda will have one of her life sized Wax pieces on display as well. Sigrid was recently on the TV show Oddities, Sigrid is known for her Debauched queen. Author Donna Parish Bischoff will be introducing her new book “The Lee Avenue Hauntings” Tarot readings by John Robinson gifted psychic medium. Come on out it will be a Great night!! What a Way to kick the Fall Festivities off on the right foot!!