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Coffin Boxes…Vintage Patchwork Boxes, Alice and MORE!!

Good morning, It is very early here in NY. I have been up for several hours my daughter woke me up sick and now i’m not feeling to shabby grrrrrr. I ran out of hot chocolate too..(NOT A COFFEE DRINKER) 😉 lol. ANY WHOOO I finished up 2 “Alice” pieces my interpretation to “Alice in Wonderland” I will be adding to the collection as time goes on. I have the itch to create MEGA Halloween all week and will continue to do so from this point on until Halloween is over muahahahaha. I know I always paint Halloween but around this time of year my ideas kick in and the Halloween fever kicks in. I have finished up a small collection of coffin boxes and started some square patchwork vintage themed boxes. I will be working on several more after i am done typing up this blog. I will be posting smaller buy it now items to my Ebay and Etsy store so collectors can purchase items ahead of time. Keep your eyes peeled here for the links 🙂 Check out some pics hope you like some of the new stuff.