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August, 2012

Halloween feeds the Hungry!!!

Monday, Monday, MONDAY Ahhh Monday 🙂 I hope everyone enjoyed their Weekend. Its back to work for most of you I continued to paint through the weekend. I have strted to post more auctions to my Ebay store. Lots of Halloween Goodies to come. I have also listed my most recent Alice in Wonderland pieces for sale at a buy it now price. I have also stocked some nice things in my etsy store. check them out…here is a link to my newest ebay auction. A Fun vintage inspired Wood box. Perfect for any Halloween Art collector.


OK OK on to some more news!! All you Hudson Valley Garlic Festival Fans. This year my set up will be very different yet fun and spooky!! Can’t wait to show you some cool things I have created. I am creating a special piece to Raffle off at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival in September. All Ticket sales to win this Original painting will go to The Queens Galley located in Kingston, New York. I will post pictures here starting this Sunday when I start to make the painting. If you plan on going to the festival and you like what you see be sure and stop by my booth and purchase a ticket. My Goal is to Reach $500.00 for the Queens Galley I would love to Pass that Goal and bring in more for this local Kitchen.  I will be back on Sunday to show you the start of the painting. 🙂

Coffin Boxes…Vintage Patchwork Boxes, Alice and MORE!!

Good morning, It is very early here in NY. I have been up for several hours my daughter woke me up sick and now i’m not feeling to shabby grrrrrr. I ran out of hot chocolate too..(NOT A COFFEE DRINKER) 😉 lol. ANY WHOOO I finished up 2 “Alice” pieces my interpretation to “Alice in Wonderland” I will be adding to the collection as time goes on. I have the itch to create MEGA Halloween all week and will continue to do so from this point on until Halloween is over muahahahaha. I know I always paint Halloween but around this time of year my ideas kick in and the Halloween fever kicks in. I have finished up a small collection of coffin boxes and started some square patchwork vintage themed boxes. I will be working on several more after i am done typing up this blog. I will be posting smaller buy it now items to my Ebay and Etsy store so collectors can purchase items ahead of time. Keep your eyes peeled here for the links 🙂 Check out some pics hope you like some of the new stuff.