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July, 2012

NEW……Alice and The Mad Tea Party

Good morning on this fine morning in the early hour morning of July. 😀 That was a bit confusing but HEY!!! I started a new Painting yesterday and I am loving how it is turning out. My version to Alice and The Mad Tea Party. I used Acrylic paints on a 16″x20″ stretched canvas. I am hoping to finish it up today and start up another new one this evening.

My first shipment of posters are on their way as I type this. I have some coffee mugs being made up as well. Lots of fun stuff on the way. Just some merchandise not a huge amount just enough to make my fans Happy!! Tune into some more NEWS tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

GREAT Merch NEWS and Mimi in the works….

Happy 4th FREAKS!! LOL….well the clouds are covering the sky and its raining here in NY.
no fireworks for me this year!

SOOO, I just want to thank all the thousands of fans out there that read my blog and follow all of my artsy endeavours including the book I am working on with Heather Jones Taylor. The art is almost finished and little characters are coming to life!!! It has been a long trek for Heather and I life brings us unexpected turns and twists. Heather working in Hollywood with super stars and me taking on a baby boy 🙂 All you Mimi followers this book is coming to life in a series. NOT JUST ONE 😀 We kept it hush hush on in the details but i can whisper a little now. For those of you who are not familiar with my work and are Newsies. Mimi is a character I created about 7 years ago. Her image people go gaga for her. Mimi has a serious cult following and most of you have been waiting to see what comes of this mysterious little character. Inspired by my oldest Daughter Meghan. I came up with the name Mimi because my youngest daughter Laura at the time was a toddler just learning to speak and she could not properly say Meghan so she ran around calling her Mimi lol. Till this day Laura calls Meghan Mimi one day Laura got mad at Meg and called her Meghan it just didn’t sound right LOL! ANY who to the CULT OF MIMI she is coming with a swarm of weird friends. Be prepped to be SUPER EXCITED!!

New artwork

July brings NEW MERCHANDISE…..YES I said MERCHANDISE!! I will be offering  museum quality poster prints, limited edition T-shirts in all sizes, post cards, greeting cards, canvas bags, and more. I have told many of you year after year yeah yeah i will make more prints and only limited the image. SO NOW you will have more to choose from with a variety of images old and new! My NEW website will most likely be toward the end of August having a shopping cart right on my website. EASY SHOPPING for you!!

SHOWS and Galleries,
I will have my artwork in a few galleries this year. Not to fond of the gallery scene as to me its always the galleries friends hanging around drinking wine and eating the gallery owners cheese. BUT I found a few that are just super awesome and have a very good name for themselves for all types of art. SO me being here in the states and some in LONDON, and SPAIN. When dates are set I will let everyone know where you can see my work in person and purchase for yourselves. all my Euro fans you will finally get a chance to view my work in person.

Next weekend i will be posting show dates for meet and greets so hang tight. 🙂 I am waiting for the OK on a few more.  So lots of GREAT NEWS in this blog here. If any of you have any questions feel free to email me anytime. 😀