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Two Sided wood hanging OWL….VinTaGe :)

Hello on this Dark Wednesday night! I have been painting like a mad woman for days now. I feel like my eyeballs are melting. They BURN I tell ya!! Just want to fill some of you in on some new items I am working on. Yes I have the traditional canvas painting up for bids on Ebay right now. Just search Heather Gleason and items will appear. I have also started to work on some wood items again. Its been a long time and i need a change in scenery just for a while. The one piece I am currently working on will knock your socks off if your into the Vintage themed Halloween Pieces.

A 2 sided wood hanging Owl. You get 2 very detailed paintings in one piece. You can hang this from your ceiling so i spins or hang it on your wall and flip it to show a new side. This Unique ONE of a kind painting will be up for grabs tomorrow evening on Ebay. This will be at a buy it now price. As This piece is very time consuming to create. No prints can be made of this piece as it is a cut shaped piece of wood. Not canvas. Weather i make more owls down the line. NO TWO will ever be alike!! If you have any questions about this piece feel free to email me or take a look on ebay tomorrow evening for purchase. OOK now its time to sleep . Good night freaky friends!!!!! 😀