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Madame Morte and a Two Sided Wood Owl Painting

Hello on this humid Friday morning in NY. My hands have been well at work and things are moving along quickly. Collectors are happy and I am happy to be freeing all of these images I have had locked away in my mind for over a year. It was getting pretty crowded in there!!
I have been working on some really unique wood pieces that some of you may be interested in. I have 10″x12″ wood 2 sided owl painting. The wood is a cut out shape of an owl on each side is painted differently. You have to take a look at that one very unique and you get 2 very detiled paintings on each side. If the price is to steep for you make me an offer. Lots of time went into that owl:)They have been a big hit on Facebook. BUT NOT EVERYONE HAS FACEBOOK. So I am blogging about it here 🙂
 I have also been working on some more gothic pieces “DARK GIRLIE” pieces. “Madame Morte” my latest creation is Beautiful and strange. She wears a long Skull Skirt and a Lost Soul Shall around her arms. Her hair look closely has screaming faces dying to get out. Pretty creepy when you really stare into it but beautiful all around. Be sure and check out my newest offerings on Ebay and etsy.