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April, 2012

The Queen Of Halloween……NEW!!

New this week “The Queen Of Halloween” Lots of Great FUN detail in this piece. I had the itch to Paint on Sunday. So from the time I woke up till the time I went to bed, I created “The Queen Of Halloween” So many ladies out there would love to hold that title. That would be some super pointy Boots to fill!! I hope you like her. I will be posting her to Ebay and Etsy at a Buy it now price if you are interested. If you would like to purchase her over the phone feel free to give me a jingle… 845-883-7093 🙂

Into The Void

I have been getting back on track with my painting and all this week brought a strange mix of images.
My favorite for this week is my newest painting “Into The Void” its a strange painting with a bunch of walking dead or walking bones “Skeletons” staring into nothing a waste land for the dead. It is up for sale on Ebay this week for 5 days only. If you want something Dark then this piece is for you. ALOT of detail and great shading in the Skeletons. No pumpkins or witches but i will have some auctions soon for you Halloweeny fans. I seriously Love this painting don’t miss out on the bidding. It is very low right now so try and snatch this one up for yourself.

Happy Freaky Friday 13th

Happy friday the 13th to all my Freaky Friends out there!
Anything weird happen to you today??
I made a new painting today and will be listing it for sale on Ebay tonight. I have a few other great paintings listed for sale 2 auctions and buy it now items as well. If you do not have an Ebay account contact me if you would like to purchase any of the Buy it now pieces. I promise to keep listing on Ebay for everyone and post new artwork here to keep you informed to what is available for purchase until my website store is up and running. If the links do not work below try copy pasting them for direct links. Have a Freaky Friday Peeps.

Baby Boy is here New website is Near…

Hello everyone, or Happy Easter!! My son was born March 6th, he is Beautiful and everything I wished for! Actually he is laying on my left hand so I can only type with my right LOL. I am sure this Blog will take FOOOORREEEVOOOOORRR to write!!
I forgot how much time goes into one little baby, one would think after 2 girls you would remember but NOPE HA. Its all coming back Fast. OK OK onto Art stuff. I started painting smaller Halloween themed pieces last week and have been putting auctions up on Ebay as well. Much more detailed larger pieces will take time to complete but trust me I will keep everyone informed. I am starting 2 oil paintings this coming week. At the end of each week i will post some pics of its progress and what my thoughts are while trying to complete it. AGAIN smaller Halloween themed pieces will go up each week for Auction so no worries, the prices are great if you want one of my Paintings for Halloween NOW is the time to buy as they are going for GREAT prices.

My website is taking a little longer to get to but I do promise sometime in the next few months a new look and shopping cart will be added to my site. Making the shopping experience for EVERYONE alot more simple. Especially collectors that do not have an EBay account. Don’t forget if you have a Facebook page become a fan of My Eclectic Mind I do giveaways and such for fans and post any links and new art images weekly there. So don’t miss anything if you have been wanting to snatch up some of my work including a Spring time Print Bundle that is coming up very soon. Lots of Great Weird imagry coming keep your eyes peeled PEEPS 😉
Ok back to Baby and Easter Sunday cleaning and cooking. Its back to work tomorrow with a knife in your back good luck and may the Force be with you. Kinda made some sense maybe in a way..LOL..maybe NOT!