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January, 2012


Happy New Year Everyone!!

Its a new year and I have been working on some Awesome stuff. I am recovering from Bronchitis for the past 2 weeks so things have been slow and the holidays were kinda boring this year for me. BUT..The New Year holds many wonderful things happening.

Lets start with a new Web site design which will be designed by the Very Talented Mr.Savage once again. I think it is time for a Facelift a whole new look. It has been several years since i first launched my site but i think its time for a new look and EASIER SHOPPING experience for everyone. My NEW site will have a Shopping cart so anyone that wishes to purchase art from me wether it be an original painting or print they can do so from my site. No secondary sites. I will still host auctions on Ebay as I always find that to be fun. For the many that just want to straight up buy from me can do so without the other sites. The Website shopping experience will be very easy and i will update it weekly with new items. Trying to keep up with other website fees and keeping track of personal emails was difficult.
I will have MANY new prints this year more then any before. I have many NEW unique Antique finds that i have fixed up and made my own that will be posted to the site ready for sale. Lots of weird furniture finds and one of a kind Coffin boxes and Coffin bookshelves! I will also be selling T-shirts this fall. Right on time for Halloween. The site should be kicked off by the beginning of APRIL. So keep your eyes peeled here for some weird stuff.

March my little baby boy is due. Should be very interesting since I already have 2 Beautiful, little girls. A boy thrown in the mix should bring my life a twist. I am looking forward to it and I am very excited for the future.

On to The ever so VERY Popular Mimi….The books are coming along after a very long break. Just life sometimes gets in the way and Heather Jones Taylor and I are pushing forward and VERY EXCITED for Mimis personality and adventures to surface to everyones minds. Heather is a truley talented writer I think you will agree when the book is finished and you get to peek inside the LIfe of Mimi Quinine. Detailed illustrations are on the way and chapters have been ending and close to a finsih on the first book. I am very excited and will not give up this year until this first book is finished.

I will post many Fall shows that i will be attending on my blog this spring.
Thats all folks chat with you soon.