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Halloween is ALMOST here!! Sooo is Christmas :D

Hello Ghouly Friends!!
Halloween has creeped up so fast its GREAT!! I have been enjoying all of the Horror Movie madness on the television. Although I have been waking up very early mornings it kinda stinks when you fall asleep very early while watching Great Horror classics like the Shinning!!
I am still having difficulties updating my albums here on my website. The webmaster is workong with me on this problem. Your best bet is to find me on facebook “My Eclectic Mind” the art of Heather Gleason or on Ebay. Ebay you can view up to date art that is for sale. I will be posting 3 day auctions for the few weeks so everyone can get their art before Hallween decorationg and gift giving!!
November i will be attending some smaller local shows here in the Hudson Valley. I will post those events as soon as they become permanent. I will have Holiday themed pieces. NEW PRINTS, original paintings,Witch hats, ornies,Boxes,Small Dolls. All in time for Christmas. I will keep you updated HERE! 🙂 Well its back to creating I will chat with you soon!!!