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May, 2011

Show Dates and NEWS…..

WEll Happy Spring!!! I have found a new place to create FINALLY, So I am happily painting again on a weekly basis. I am back on track and have new artwork to show. I will have Shows set up almost every weekend this fall.
Here are just a few dates that I have set up so far…

-“General Montgomery Day” Montgomery, NY September
-“Hudson Valley Garlic Festival” Kantine Field Saugerties, NY September 24,25th
-“Nyack Street Festival” Nyack, NY October 9th

These are just a few shows I have scheduled. As more dates come in I will post them to my blog. I will have gallery shows set up as well but most of these shows my artwork will be shipped to a coordinator out of state and most likely I will not attend unless I note this. The shows above are Large Art Shows/ Street festivals where my work is set up in full boutique. I attend these shows and meet with collectors first hand. I hope to see some of you this fall.

“First Date”
The book is on a roll, and first shipment of artwork will be sent to the Author Heather Jones Taylor at the beginning of June. Both our schedules and life got in the way of creating Mimi and her adventures but she still in fact would love to tell you her story. Keep your eyes out for more info on the making of this great book!!

Onto something more personal. To the many that have been asking, Please realize the past 6 months have been brutal for me. I lost contact with many people as dealing with personal life, moving, not having a place to live and dealing with Schizophrenia is not an easy task! Having a permanent place to lay my head and FINALLY have all my Artwork and art supplies in one spot helps ALOT! I am finally getting my mind free of distraction and putting all my thoughts into painting. I hope you will stop back to see the new works I have created. Thank you for all your support and understanding 🙂