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August, 2009

Skip Crank, Heather Gleason an Unusual Collaboration of Art

My Newest collaboration

Meet Skip Crank..

Skip Crank is a unique Mind of the Art World, Skips creations are sure to turn heads and make you look twice.

I met Skip Crank a few years back via the Internet. Skip is a big fan of my fiendish Devil creatures and bought many pieces from me in the past to add to his ever growing Devil collection. Not knowing anything about Skip at the time he remained a friendly supporting collector. I stumbled upon Skip a few months ago through facebook in a weird yet embarrassing way. That is another story……we have since become great friends..chatting on the phone from NY to CA…he is a true hoot to talk to.

Skip creates his work using a variety of mixed mediums…Assemblage is his thing and he does it very well. Using old dolls…broken objects…to mechanical parts and wires to create his odd pieces. This is only to name a few. As he always finds that element and works with it. In the outcome of it all in my mind with a smile when i see his finished art pieces i always stare and say ” I would have never thought of that” but Skip does which makes him truly a great mind.

I now own many of Skips art creations and have them displayed throughout my home and studio. Skips strange creations of old dolls, broken glass,Mixed wire formations even Blood paintings made me ask Skip for this unusual collaboration. Combining my painting and his mixed media works…I am very excited to see the finished pieces. So in the next few weeks I will post photos of our art as we work together..shipping our creations back and forth from New York to California. Some pieces will be available online others will only be available through Art shows here in NY and CA the next few months.

Here is A beautiful butterfly

First completed collaboration between Skip Crank and Heather Gleason

Here is a Slide of Skip and his Artwork..This will be updated often with new artwork

To learn more about Skip Crank and his artwork

visit the following links

events…labor day weekend Art show