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Fangoria’s madness

Hello Boyls and Ghouls, I am back from New York City. WOW what a weekend. It was an experience I am so glad I did not miss. So many genuinely nice people. I met up with some great collectors and some of the friendliest vendors.
I bought Guillermo Del toro’s novel the Strain and it is signed YAY. I listened in while he was speaking Friday night. I was like if some huge Elvis fan saw Elvis singing in concert. NAH I wasn’t that bad. My hands were shaking though and I was not even near him all the pictures I took came out blurry. YES I AM A DORK!!! A HUGE FAN!!I am sure he saw me and my giant wig..yes people it was a wig not my real hair LOL!
Michael Dougherty stopped by my table and quiet me once again clammed up and didn’t really say a peep. Once again always say the wrong things. UGHHH! I love his artwork and hope his movie is a success I am not sure if it will be out in the movies? From what i have seen in the trailers it looks AWESOME I can’t imagine it not being in theatres! I could only peek in due to the larger crowds in the vendor area 🙁 So i missed out on him talking. He did give me one of his Trick R Treat photos..but he didn’t sign it. He is very cute may I add. Very friendly I don’t know why I clammed up?
I will be adding photos of the convention to the art show folder in my gallery later in the week. If you took pics of me at the show I would love for you to send them to me :)it was alot of fun meeting everyone.
I am taking a break from painting for as long as I can hold out which will be until tomorrow I am sure. Being Obsessive compulsive can be pretty scary at times. Especially when i can’t paint.

So I am updating this post from yesterday. I was a bit busy yesterday and did not get a chance to post these websites check them out! Michael Spirito Jewelry designs AMAZING WORK! Spooky doll house creations and Other unique items such as a lovely coffin couch. Puppets,Props,Special effects,Fashionable Curiosities creator of the movie Trick R Treat and great artist. Artwork for toilets who would have thought?

chat soon