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Fangoria’s Madness…:)

Good day boyls and Ghouls!

I had a wonderful time this weekend in NYC for fangoria’s Weekend of Horror’s

I can’t say that I have ever met so many genuily nice people before in my life until this weekend. Everyone I had come across was asolutley friendly and just into having fun this past weekend. I am so glad I met so many of you.

I took some pics of some great costumes on Saturday. I met Marilyn Burns from Texas Chainsaw massacre she is just an absolute sweet heart. Monique Dupree is just breathtaking and I love her outfits! Yellow Ape Productions has great staff and the guys are super sweet and lots of fun! I met Michael Dougherty but was insanly shy to even speak or ask him questions about his movie Trick r Treat. So michael if your reading this please email me I feel stupid for not asking!! I got a signed copy of Guillermo Del Torro;s novel The Strain…Del Toro I AM A HUGE FAN. Kinda like seeing Elvis for some in person. I took tons of pics but most came out blury due to my hand shaking so much. YES I am weird!I Met some amazing artist’s, vendors. Ann Covalt creates unique clothing…just absolutley gergous…I hope to own one of her dresses one day. Von Erickson Laboratories, Spooky Doll Houses and coffin couches AMAZING!!!and had my pic taken over and over….thanks to my big hair 🙂