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Hello on this very cold and slushy night in NY. Once again wishing for spring. Maybe a trip to Florida will do me some good. 70 degree weather is 90 to me at this point. On to some Art News. I have some new artwork available for sale originals and prints on and just click the buy stuff button here on my website for a direct link to my Ebay store. You can of course purchase from me here on my website as well. Just contact me if you have any questions about a particular piece. Remember Shirts and skirts will be available in March. You can get a sneak peak here first week in March.
Here is a newly listed collectors piece for your consideration.

I have been behind in some news and articles promoting my artwork. Some articles have write ups about my work dating back to September. Due to me being sick and still recovering from surgery I am a little behind!;) I will be posting those articles here or giving you links to the websites where I Know some of you may be interested in visiting on a daily or weekly basis.

This article was posted in Septmeber of 08 at the ‘Ye Olde Witches Brew Magazine’. Stop by the website and read the feature story based apon my artwork. View other articles about Halloween, magic, fantasy and more.
Well I have to go check my Pumkin bars I will be back in a few days feel free to email me if you have any questions.