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December, 2008

Recovery is Slooooow! New for 2009…….

I am glad to say surgery went well on December 10th. Although recovery is slow. I am getting the rest that I need.Throat cancer was ruled out so I am thankful for that. Still much needed rest is due so I will just chill out for the next couple of weeks.

I am aching to paint again and I promise everyone that I will have many new creations in 2009. I will try and get painting after Christmas I have a few images I need out of my head as they are driving me crazy. Lots of new prints and a clothing line to look forward to in 2009. My first publication in August of 2009 and a very special publication I look forward in participating in with many Artist friends as well. I am working on 2 west coast shows they are still in the works and as always the Halloween Art Exhibit in Chicago. I will be trying for the Woodstock arts and crafts show this year in New Paltz, NY a Quail Hallow Event. Many of you have stated you would like to see me at the New Paltz show so I might as well give the fall show a try. I am considering doing one of two shows the Letchworth show way north of Ulster County or stay in the area and drive to Rhinebeck for the rhinebeck art show in October. If anyone would like to help me conclude my disision feel free to email me. I am caught between the two lol.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people that had emailed me with their well wishes. I appreciate each and every email!! I will try and respond to everyone right away!! Thanks again
Have a wonderful Holiday!!