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September, 2008

Boyls and Ghouls of the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival!

Hello and thank you to all the wonderful friendly people I had met this weekend at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. Lots of familiar faces I enjoyed catching up with allot of you I hope you are enjoying all your new Art pieces. For all the new collectors be sure and email me and check back often for updates and added items to my website, ebay and Etsy store. Send me pictures of your Art piece hung up I will add you to my website. If you have questions about a painting you had seen at the festival EMAIL ME like I told you LOL!! I won’t bite hehehe.If I no longer have an item available new items will be added here shortly. I will see you all next year be prepared and come on Saturday don’t wait for Sunday :)!

Some sad but good news I will be taking it easy for the next few weeks I will try and have 1 auction listed a week on Ebay and post as much as I can to the website. Other then that I have to take it easy and get my self well or else I will not be making anymore paintings at all. I have to get rid of the lump in my throat which will mean lots of rest no talking and lots of medication and crossing my fingers no surgery. If you wanted special orders please wait until after Halloween. November I will start again and we can work together.

Be sure and do a Search on the net at I am shipping art work to Chicago for the 10th anniversary of the Halloween Art Exhibit. I will have 2 paintings and a large wood mantle clock which can be viewed here on my website and for sale through the Halloween Art Exhibit Website. More details about the exhibit is posted to the website check it out! Check back often as I will be in my first publication through the Halloween Art Exhibit. More info to come!

Thanks once again to all the Halloween Fanatics I had met this week at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. Email, call me or I will just see you next year!

Halloween Art and fun at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

Hello boyls and ghouls!
This weekend September 27th-28th come on out to the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. Eat lots of garlic to scare all the blood drinking Vampires away. Stop by my booth #A18 right next to the Junction stage and check out my artwork in person. Lots of items not offered online and some will be available at discount prices. Lots to do at this festival so wear your sneakers for a day of big festival fun. Mention that you have seen me online and receive a free gift. Don’t be shy! Halloween is right around the corner will you be ready?
See you there

Halloween Is comming will you be ready????

Hello boyls and ghouls,
Halloween is comming its right around the corner. The air is getting crisp here in NY. The nights are cold and the early mornings are even colder. The leaves will be changin colors soon. Apples and Pumpkins will grow in their bounty. Of course we wait for the nightly Horror flicks that will appear as specials on your TV sets. As we wait for the count down lets get the scoop on some awesome Art you can purchase this year. I will be at one more show this year and that of course is the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival thousands attend like you and I everyday people looking for a wonderful day of fun food and frightning crafts. hehe! I will have much more to offer at this years show. I was a bit overwhelmed by the many people that just Adore Halloween. I am sure once again I will be smiling from ear to ear all weekend. The Show will be September 27-28th all weekend long the very last weekend in September. JUST SO YOU DONT FORGET LAST WEEKEND IN SEPTEMEBR ever year! Lots of little sculptures, ornies and of course painting ‘s galore. I will have my Painted Witch hats available starting at $55.00 most exspensive being $113.00. I will be offering my mini Canvas necklases once again along with my hand sculpted pins. Wood Halloween signs and Halloween jewelry and treat boxes. Mention that you have seen me on the internet and receive a FREE gift. DONT BE SHY!! Tell me you saw me on the internet already you will receive free stuff! lol.

I will be lising new artwork all this week it will be located in the website only category here on my website. Right now its empty being Monday. Take advantage of these pieces as they will not be offered anywhere else. I also add items daily to my ebay store click the Buy Stuff button here on my website to view all the Halloween Art I have to offer.

The UHAT Halloween Shop has been very popular Take advantage of all the one of a kind Hallwoeen Art creations availbale now before they are all gone. The UHAT Halloween Shop is run and owned by self Representing Artists. Each artist gets %100 profit. No fees go to store owners no large ebay fees each artist will receive %100 of your support. This drives these artists to produce more artwork you help inspire our minds. Stop by the website to view all the fangtastic Hallwoeen Artwork availble to purchase. The group even has a Ghoulish GiveAway going on right now. Just send me your email address to be entered to win a bunch of Hallwoeen Goodies. THAT SIMPLE!!

The Halloween Art Exhibit is going in to its 10th Anniversary!! I have artwork not seen yet available for the show. More info will be comming shortly for this fun and Fangtastic Halloween Art Exhibit!
Email me with any questions
Have a good one