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December, 2007

The New Year

I Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!It was a bit crazy this Christmas but my family and I had a wonderful time. I am excited for the new year!
The 2008 year will bring new and exciting adventures for me. I will start selling limited edition prints of my Mimi,Lala, and Nora collection. “Colorless world collection” and some occult primitive witch prints. I have had many requests for prints and merchandise in the past I am happy to bring these new collections to you at affordable prices. I will also be selling calenders, t-shirts, postcards, and stickers. For people that do not buy on Ebay or have a paypal account set up I plan on setting up a secure shopping cart in Late spring here on my website for use of credit cards. Till then you can always contact me through email about any questions or orders that you may have.
As for Ebay I will have new auctions listed First Sunday in February. I will have my Limited prints and other collectible merchandise available in store at a buy it now set price.
The UHAT group “Unique Halloween Art Treasures” will have new and exciting news for the 2008 year. The website will be under construction and will be adding more blurbs on all the talented artists we have now and will also be adding new members in the 2008 year. visit for more info.
Again Thank you for all your support in 2007 I hope to hear from many of you in 2008 and cross my fingers for greetings with many new.

Best Little Frame shop and Art Gallery

Hello Everyone..I have a new spot were you can check out my artwork. The Best Little frame Shop and Art Gallery in Mahwah, NJ. Ruth Ann owner of the gallery is showing 4 pieces of mine and will also take custom orders. This Gallery is Eclectic and has mixed pieces from paintings,photography,to jewelry. Never sticking to one theme she likes to mix the art so there is something for every one’s taste. She also hosts The Yellow Bra Art show for Breast Cancer Awareness. All proceeds are donated to breast cancer research. Stop by the Best Little Frame Shop and Art Gallery in Mahwah NJ ask for Ruth Ann.
Best Little Frame Shop and Art Gallery
64 Ramapo Valley Road (Route 202)
Mahwah, NJ 07430

On to some everyday ramble.. music talk today.
I had purchased tickets to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. For the longest time I had heard that this was a great concert and having the Cd’s for Christmas I decided to take a chance and what the hay have fun. I went last Thursday in Albany NY. Let me tell you it was absolutely Amazing. Buying the tickets early gave us a chance to get great floor seats up front.
Members are from different music backgrounds but most are from actual Heavy metal bands from the past some of you may know Savatage. Not sure off the bat what other bands each member is from.
The story lines are wonderful. The music is fascinating..the light show OUT OF THIS WORLD. Seeing Pink Floyd In concert put this concert right up there with Pink Floyd in the effects department. At one point in time during the concert they made it snow well it was tiny foam bubbles that looked like snow but was just so much fun. Everyone in the stadium was in aww! As a classical music lover they took classic music to a whole new level. Looking around I saw people ranging from ages 5-75. Black, White, tall the small bald, long hair, skinny, fat. This show is for everyone.I am kicking myself for not bringing my camera. Next year I will take my girls with me as I know they will enjoy this show very much. Bring ear plugs though 🙂 Another great thing about this band is most bands to get any autograph you must have backstage passes this band was so kind to get off stage and sign autographs for hundreds of people pictures etc. That was a first being to many concerts before hearing that was another wow!Taking time out for the fans. So to add to the top of my favorite concerts ever is count 4..Pink Floyd,Tool,Judas Priest,Drum roll The Trans Siberian Orchestra is now added to that list.
If you have not seen the Trans Siberian Orchestra you need to see them you will not be disappointed.
Well thats all for now folks!!